There are so many solutions out there to help even the busiest of parents provide the best care for their kids. You may only need after-school supervision. You may need a live-in caretaker that can help you manage parenting on an ongoing basis. Understanding what your needs are and what you can afford is crucial when it comes to deciding what type of nanny or caregiver situation to look into. 

A live-in nanny could, for example, be the perfect solution if you are a busy single parent in a high-paying job, or if both you and your partner are in high-powered careers and need around-the-clock help even if you are physically present. After all, nannies can provide support. You could be right there with them – your nanny simply provides an extra hand and guidance that can make a massive difference when it comes to managing a career and being a full-time parent. 

What to Look for in a Nanny 

At minimum you are going to want a nanny that is trustworthy, has childcare and nanny experience, and has the right temperament. A good way to find the right nanny for you is to outline what tasks you want them to complete. Some want an after-school nanny, for example, that can take their kids to their after-school activities and manage the social events their kids may be invited to. This works particularly well for parents who work late. 

In other cases, parents want a live in nanny that can be there to provide for their kids, even without necessarily being a parent. Just an extra set of hands and eyes can do wonders for busy, stressed parents (particularly if they are on-call). Lastly, some families need a confinement nanny for 24/7 round-the-clock baby care.

In general you want a nanny that can do the tasks you have outlined, and one that you trust. In some cases, it may be better to have two nanny’s working part-time, in other cases it may be better to have just one. Regardless of your individual situation always be up-front with expectations and be prepared to negotiate so that you can all go in with a clear idea of the job at hand. 

The Paid Trial Run 

Not every nanny or babysitter is going to be a good fit for your kids or for you which is why it is important to have a probationary period. Sometimes nanny’s and families just don’t click and that is okay. The nanny in question should be paid their rate for the time, regardless, but without the commitment. 

This gives you both the time to see what the job is going to entail and whether it is a good fit. Finding the right nanny is very personal, so don’t worry if you don’t click and instead look again.  

Where to Find a Nanny 

While you can find nannies and caregivers from a variety of sources your best bet is to either opt for word-of-mouth or, alternatively, by looking into an agency that can be trusted. If you don’t know anyone with a nanny, then the agency is going to be your best bet. Not only can they help pair you with the right nanny from the start they can also help you understand your options and what you can expect.