Equipping the commercial space with the products that fit the area and the staff needs and serve all purposes is not a straightforward task, as lots of variables must be taken into account. These considerations include dimensions, modifications, and materials. As a rule, for food-service businesses, stainless steel restaurant equipment is the most preferable choice. It is safe to use, easy to clean and maintain and meets all sanitary standards.

Other imperative characteristics of food-grade stainless steel:

  • it is not combustible;
  • non-toxic and does not deform due to exposure to high temperatures;
  • if properly cared for, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions for decades to come;
  • the steel from which tables, countertops, racks, and cabinets are made can withstand heavyweight and load;
  • stainless steel kitchen equipment is resistant to rust, corrosion, and other aggressive factors, such as water, soot, detergents, and chemicals;
  • thanks to their high level of aesthetics, steel products will not be drastically affected and will retain their original look and shape.

A reputable restaurant supply store such as nella stores is the best way to find suitable equipment for your needs.

Kitchens at restaurants must be spacious, ergonomic, and well-equipped with the most essential type of stainless steel restaurant equipment for facilitated and smooth food prep processes. So let’s explore the most-wanted models of steel products.

Top 5 types of the most-needed stainless steel kitchen equipment

  1. Working tables. It is a critical component of any restaurant operation. There are different categories of tables of various sizes and configurations, with extra accessories, or build-in sinks. They are designed for performing an array of objectives. A large island table is a great option for the professional kitchen. Several people can work on it at the same time without interacting with each other. In addition, cooking tables are equipped with additional shelves for storing dishes or other utensils. Apart from stationary models, you can also consider mobile options with casters for higher flexibility. 
  2. Shelving systems and racks. Installing a rack or mobile shelving kit in the kitchen or in a specially-designed storeroom can make a difference to the storage capacity and ensure a quicker and simpler cooking routine. They are used for the storage of various kitchen equipment, utensils, as well as ingredients, goods, or packaged products. Such stainless steel restaurant equipment can have a different number of shelves, adjustable to the required height.
  3. Cabinets. They can be grouped into several zones. Thus, some serve as storage for products and others are intended for keeping utensils, cleansers, and other items. 
  4. Carts. They are used in the process of serving and significantly save time and effort for employees.
  5. Vertical shelving system. For spaces with a big number of working surfaces, as well as a wide range of appliances, utensils, and devices, the task of arranging everything in the right place becomes increasingly challenging. Thus, for zoning the commercial kitchen in the smartest possible manner,  it is recommended to occupy a vertical wall.  It means that you can select metal wall shelves with different weight capacities, mount them in the convenient spots (for example, above the tables), and ensure hassle-free access to objects. 
  6. Manufacturers and suppliers of metal commercial furniture and restaurant supply, such as AmGoodSupply, have been improving their products for many years to meet the ever-changing needs of clients and evolving requirements of food establishments.