Getting everyone together to celebrate a family milestone event or simply to celebrate the joy of each other’s company is a fantastic thing to do. If you put a bit of thought and planning into making the special occasion as memorable as possible it will be talked about for years.

It might be a BBQ event where you treat everyone to some delicious sizzling Porterhouse steaks that have been cooked to perfection. Or it could be a themed event that is designed to celebrate something special that the family wants to recognize by getting together.

A celebration of family and food

If you are looking for a theme that is virtually guaranteed to meet with universal approval and cater to everyone’s needs, both young and old, the most obvious solution would be to arrange a special occasion that is centered around food.

One of the most fulfilling ways of making sure everyone has a great time is to feed them well.

Whether it is a BBQ, a buffet, or you arrange catering, feeding your family and bonding over some fantastic food is pretty much the perfect way to celebrate the family and all it stands for.

Set them a challenge with a scavenger hunt

The combination of a bit of family-friendly rivalry and the chance to work together to solve some clues to get to a prize is something that holds universal appeal.

You could organize your family into teams and put together a series of challenges that need completing or provide some clues that need to be solved in order to find a winner of the family scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are popular with team-building events and they are perfect for some family fun.

Put a bit of bounce into your family celebrations

It can often work really well when you combine several ideas when arranging your family event.

Family gatherings automatically become a whole lot more fun when you decide to hire some inflatables, like a bouncy castle, or a water slide.

Bounce houses, as they are also sometimes called, are often fairly inexpensive to hire. They are usually great value when you consider the fun that everyone has with them.

Get some outside help with the entertainment

Another great idea to help make sure your family event is a great success would be to hire an entertainer.

Whether it’s a children’s entertainer to keep the little ones happy throughout the day, or a magician, for instance, who can entertain family members of all ages, it could turn out to be money well spent.

Explore the great outdoors

All of us are being encouraged to get outside and get plenty of regular exercise. Another idea for a family event that also ticks all of the right boxes involves arranging a hiking adventure.

You will have to choose a trail that is age-appropriate, but the chance to enjoy some quality family time while getting some useful exercise is well worth considering when you are thinking about planning an event.

You could even pack some food so that you can all stop for a picnic while getting some rest.

All the family will enjoy a sporting event

There are loads of ways to enjoy a sporting event as a family group.

You might want to arrange tickets to a basketball or baseball game or if you have a lot of family members who regularly play sports you could arrange a game. Those that don’t play can enjoy the event as spectators.

Movie nights are simply perfect for a family gathering

A night at the movies appeals to all ages and you don’t all have to attend your local theater to enjoy a great family event.

It is not very expensive or complicated to set up your own outdoor movie event. You can often hire a projector if you don’t want to buy one. All you then have to do is send out the invites and make sure you have plenty of popcorn.

There are lots of films that are suitable for all ages and family movie nights are always going to be entertaining.

Backyard camping 

If you want to make your next family gathering truly memorable you might want to invite everyone to bring their tents and sleeping bags.

Backyard camping is a lot safer and less hassle than trying to pitch up in the great outdoors, plus you have all the comforts of home at your disposal.

Get everyone together for food, singing, and storytelling, before sleeping under the stars with the ones you love.

Arrange a family craft and bake day

Baking is a brilliant family fun day activity because you can all get together and get involved.

Kids love the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and you can even make it a bit competitive if you want to, with everyone voting for their favorite bake at the end of the activity.

If not everyone in the family is that good in the kitchen you could combine the day with a family craft event so that you have all bases covered. Kids either love to bake or make things, so you really can’t go wrong if you organize a family gathering that involves both activities.

A family-friendly battle challenge

Kids of all ages, including grown-ups, usually like the challenge of a rivalry that involves taking on a rival team to claim the prize of victory.

One of the best solutions for a family-friendly battle challenge would be to arrange a Nerf battle.

Using Nerf guns is a great way of ensuring that everyone can get involved and enjoy a bit of friendly family rivalry in a safe and fun way. One family team is going to be able to claim bragging rights when they claim victory and they are sure to remind you until the rematch.

Having a family fun day can be so much fun and create lots of lasting memories. Try some of these suggestions and see how it adds to the enjoyment of each other’s company.

How will you celebrate the next special family gathering or occasion?