As a family we always want to be involved in as many activities as possible but sometimes busy schedules and limited time can make those family get-togethers difficult to plan. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to have fun and keep everyone entertained at the same time.

Whether your family is looking for something light and fun or an activity that will keep everyone together for hours, here are some fun activities you can all enjoy together:

Put together a large puzzle 

A large puzzle is a wonderful way to spend quality time with the family. It promotes teamwork, creativity, and communication, while also providing a sense of accomplishment. From 500-piece jigsaw puzzles for all ages to the ones designed specifically for a certain age or skill, there is a myriad of options for the whole family. While putting together the puzzle don’t forget to take breaks to chat and catch up with one another. Share stories, jokes, and memories as you work on the puzzle. You may even discover something new about a family member that you never knew before!

Have a family photo session

A great way to spend time with your family is to get together and make photo albums! There are actually a lot of advantages to this. Not only do you get to relive those nostalgic moments with your loved ones, but it also helps with the whole family bonding thing. It’s also a really cheap and easy way to do this. You can head to a photo shop and have them take photos of you and the kids in all different poses, or you can take photos at home.

Having family photos can help you remember special times as a family while also showing your children that they are a part of this family unit.

Go out for dinner as a family

For a fun additional activity, consider taking your family out for dinner. If you’re lucky enough to have a family who loves to eat out, consider going out to dinner as a family. There are so many fun and different places to go for dinner as a family, whether it’s a sit-down restaurant or a take-out spot. You can try new places and spend time with your loved ones without spending a huge amount of money.

There are so many fun, creative ways to do this that will be essentially beneficial to you and your family. You can choose to go out for breakfast, brunch, or lunch as well; it just depends on what you guys are into and what you feel will be perfect for the family.

Go bowling

If bowling is a sport your family loves to watch or play, why not take that love a step further and have them bowl together? You can usually find bowling alleys in malls and shopping areas. There are so many different types of bowling that you can do that it’s almost impossible to list them all.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to roll the ball as hard as you can. This is how you score points, but I guess you already know this, LOL. So try out the different types of bowling that you think your family would enjoy. This is one family fun activity you don’t want to miss out on.

Make decorations with your family

Decorating as a family can be a really fun activity. You can do it together and just make simple decorations for the room or make fancy decorations for the kitchen or living room. If you’re like most families, decorating the house together is a huge component of family time.

Whether it’s decorating the nursery or the main house, decorations can keep the whole family busy for hours. If you have kids of different ages, they can help with the decorating, and you can all relax and enjoy the decorations together. If you don’t have kids yet and are thinking about getting married or starting a family, this is a great idea to do as a family.

Produce Family Videos

If you have a family that loves to record family events and memories, this is the activity for you. Whether you make a short video to celebrate a family event or you want to create a feature-length film, family videos are always a lot of fun to make.

Make a video to show your family and friends what you’re up to these days. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding anniversary or a retirement, there are lots of reasons to make a family video. You can go with a retro theme if you like, or you can create a video that’s more contemporary.

What’s more, you can use your video to celebrate your family members’ achievements and to document your family life. You can also use your video to give a behind-the-scenes look at how you and your family spend your free time.

Learn New Things Together As a Family

One of the best ways to spend time with your family is to learn new things together, and this is especially important if you have a child. Kids learn by doing. They are curious and want to see what is going on around them.

This is why it is important to get them involved in activities that are fun, safe, and new. Like teaching them how to use applications like the SaferWatch App in case of emergencies, dedicating time for the family to learn a new language together, or taking them to the park or to a museum. By giving them the opportunity to experience new things, they are more likely to learn and grow as a person, which is good for the family.

Take a hike or a picnic together

If you have the time for it, why not take a family hike or a picnic together? There are so many beautiful places to take a family hike or picnic, and you’ll be in for a real treat. If you’ve never taken the kids hiking before, they will love the opportunity to get their first experience on a mountaintop. Hiking is a great way to connect with the outdoors and spend time with your family. Be prepared with the right essentials, such as sun protection (sunglasses, a sun hat, sunscreen), bug spray, comfortable shoes, hydration, etc. Some people, such as older members of the family, may find it useful to have hiking poles for more steady footing.

Wrapping up

Family is the foundation of any relationship and is what makes any given activity worth doing. Whether it’s going out to eat or going on a family vacation, spending time together as a family is a priceless experience. The more time you spend as a family, the stronger your relationship will be. So when you think about it, there’s no excuse for not enjoying family time.