On a recent trip to Saratoga, we were looking for some short hikes. Grays Crossing was nearby and a short hike. I also thought the creek location looked like a nice place to relax. I am glad that I decided to check out this spot, as it was a nice and relaxing place to go for a hike.

Grays Crossing is easy to find, with a decent gravel parking lot and several parking spots.

I used Google Maps to get there. There is no sign at the road, but I was able to spot the entrance easily.

The kiosk had a bunch of information, but did not show a trail map.

However, there is a trail, which shows up on Google maps as well as the Kayaderosseras Creek website. I wasn’t quite sure where to go at first, but when I pulled up Google Maps, I could see where I was on the loop.

There were trail markers along the way on trees, like this beautiful sycamore. The loop is easy to follow and it would be hard to get lost.

The Burl Trail is a 1 mile loop that goes through a variety of natural areas, from a meadow to forest.

I headed to the left half of the loop first, from the parking lot, and was greeted by a lovely meadow with fragrant flowers.

There were also some neat areas with ferns.

The other side of the loop primarily runs through the woods and along the creek.

There are openings along the trail where you can access the creek.

I read that you can find the “Turk’s Cap” lily here around mid June. However, I did not see it when I went as I was a little early in the season for it to be in bloom. There were some other flowers in bloom along the trail that I enjoyed.

This was a flat, easy loop, and at just around a mile, this makes for a relaxing and easy walk. I would say that this is family friendly, and is good for all ages.

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