As a golfer, looking after the golf course where you play makes sense. After all, you want the course to be in good condition so you can play your best game. Issues like bad lies and unkempt greens can not only affect your game, it’s not a sight to watch and definitely not the right ethos.

By taking care of the course, you’ll not only make sure that it’s a nicer place to play, but you could also improve your own game. Here are ten ways of looking out for your golf course.

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Don’t Drive on the Grass

Of course, you need to drive your golf cart or buggy on the grass from time to time. But where possible, try to avoid driving over tee boxes, greens, and other areas of the course that are particularly vulnerable. Driving on wet grass can cause damage and leave ruts and tire tracks.

Repair Your Pitch Marks

Your ball might land in a divot on the green, which is pretty much unavoidable. But what you can do is repair the pitch mark that your ball leaves behind. All you need to do is push the grass back into place, so the hole is no longer there. It’s a small act, but it makes a big difference.

Pitch marks that are left unrepaired will eventually turn into brown patches. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can affect the lie of other balls that land in the same spot.

Rake the Bunkers

When you’ve played your shot from a bunker, it’s courteous to rake over your footprints and the area where your club has made contact with the sand. This helps keep the bunkers in good condition and makes them more challenging for other golfers.

Don’t Stand on the Greens

When putting, it’s important to take care not to stand in other people’s line of putt. But you should also avoid standing on the greens as much as possible. Walking on the grass can damage the surface and make it difficult for other golfers.

If you do need to walk on the green, try to avoid doing so in the same place each time. This will help reduce wear and tear in any particular area. You can also consider giving midnight Kentucky bluegrass to the lawn management team to help make the lawn greener – it could be your way of thanking them for the apt lawn maintenance!

Fix Ball Marks

Ball marks are indentations that your ball leaves behind when it hits the green. They can be caused by several things, including hard shots, bad lies, and even slow greens.

To fix a ball mark, you need to use a special tool. Once you’ve located one, gently insert it into the ground around the ball mark. Then twist the tool so the grass is pulled up from the ground and the ball mark is no longer there.

Don’t Move the Flagstick

When it’s your turn to putt, you might be tempted to move the flagstick out of the way. But unless it’s obstructing your line of putt, you should leave it where it is. Moving the flagstick can damage the hole, and it’s not something that other golfers will appreciate.

Don’t Step on the Line of Putt

Besides avoiding standing in other people’s line of putt, you should also take care not to step on your own line. This can damage the grass and make it difficult for you to gauge your putt properly. If you do need to walk on your line of putt, try to do so from the side rather than the front or back. This will help to minimize the damage that you do.

Final Word

Taking care of the golf course is not only good manners, but it’s also good for your game. By following the tips above, you can help keep the course in good condition and ensure you have the best possible experience when you play. To enhance your golfing experience even further, check out the high-quality titleist drivers at Next Round Golf, which can really add some extra yards to your shots.