Not everyone is blessed with kind, secret-keeping friends and more importantly not everything can be confided to a friend no matter how strong the bond of friendship is. Some things are best kept private and yet poured out. Now, this becomes something of contrast but the answer is to write a journal. Some may wave the notion off as something teenagers would do, especially girls. But journaling is not limited by age and the benefits are endless for any age group. Everyone indeed needs an ear to pour his ins out. Although aesthetic images of pens and old-bound journals are appealing enough to prompt many to start, we have compiled some general benefits of journal writing to motivate you to take the first step which is usually the hardest and after some time you may go with the flow.

An outpouring of Stress and Anxiety

Therapists often recommend writing journals for patients with anxiety. Almost all of us deal with anxiety and stress due to all sorts of worries jogging inside us at more than some points in life. Their nature may not allow us to exhibit them in front of a friend, so writing all of them in a journal is the best alternative. It allows us to get rid of our stress and anxiety by outpouring our feelings and also keeps them a secret since its private.

Hones your Communication Skills

It is said that the man who knows how to express himself, seldom fails. Writing a journal teaches you to express yourself. By regular writing, you master the art of expressing your feelings in the way you feel comfortable. Also, your thought process is sharpened resulting in having clear thoughts and you know what you want. The added benefit of sharpened writing skills is also there.

A Healthy Activity for Kids

Not only for adults, writing a journal can produce marvelous results for kids. By putting them in this healthy activity, you can lower their screen time. Moreover, the child learns to process feelings, becomes thoughtful, and builds his writing and communication skills. Today, due to the alarming increase in children’s reliance on screens, the promotion of mindfulness activities for kids is paramount. Getting them to write a journal will be beneficial for them in the long and short way.

Heaven of Memory

Everything we experience is stored in our memory but the problem is how to access it. When someone else reminds us that we used to love that thing, we wonder in amazement how could we forget this? The issue here is access. Writing a journal gives you a tool to put your sweet and sour moments on the paper, sealing them permanently never to be lost.

Moreover, writing a journal enables you to take a peek at your life. To look at the changes you have gone through, the ups and downs, and much more. It becomes a self-exploration journal of sorts.

Makes you Goal-Oriented

Once you put your goals on paper, you bind yourself to them. you identify what you want and writing them reminds you that you have some things to achieve, to prove. This strengthens your commitment and makes you practically work toward them. your accountability goes on simultaneously.

Explores your inner Creativity

Many people are shy of expressing themselves with the result of keeping their inner creativities unexplored. But a journal provides you the safe space you need away from judging eyes. You put your ideas on paper with utter honesty. Your dreams get a way of expression and one thing leads to another.