The wellness industry has seen a boom that just keeps on coming. Existing brands are trying to give their reputation to a wellness lens, and new brands are emerging to be a part of this exciting period. If you are thinking about starting a wellness brand and have no idea where to start as a first-timer, you are in luck. Today, we are going to not only look at how to launch a brand but how to launch a wellness brand that resonates with your audience and is geared towards success. 

Now let’s get into it! 

Finding reputable suppliers

As a wellness brand, you are going to need your products and brand identity to be on point. Any old supplier is not going to elicit the same look and feel, and the wellness market is all about the look and feel. Find reputable wholesale aroma supplies, premium food and supplement brands, ethical and environmental products and any other specialised goods that are relevant to your offering. 

Your customers may research the suppliers you sell, so be sure to do your research also. You really want to avoid stocking a brand that is not aligned with what you want to achieve in your wellness brand as this might alienate customers. Now that you are a brand and business you can buy wholesale, so shortlist providers and see who is a better fit for your business.

Your platform is everything

Your platform is going to play a huge role in the success of your wellness brand, so do not skip this step! Start a blog, social media account or a Facebook group that can build a community and educate them on the many ways your brand can assist with their wellness goals. Remember, the wellness industry is quite different to most sectors and customers are far more discerning over who they support. Be raw and honest with your story and try your best to communicate your passion for this space – this is going to build your brand.

If you have the luxury of time, try and launch your platform before you launch your products so you can tease out the launch. You can also act as a sponge and better understand what your audience is looking for so you can include those insights in later launches.

Find like-minded partners

When starting out as a new brand, piggybacking on another established brand is a fantastic way to get yourself in front of a bigger audience. Take the time to identify what brands are similar to your brand ethos, and discuss a partnership. You might find that an Instagram giveaway is a great way to partner together and bring value to your collective audiences, or maybe you can provide contra arrangements to one another. 

Think of how many times you have explored a brand because an influencer or brand you trust has spruiked them. It is compelling marketing and well worth exploring as a first-time brand.

Follow the data

Starting a brand without doing any discovery research is like shooting blind. You want to know that there is demand there, and enough of a market that you can launch your brand and not be steamrolled by competition. You can conduct some free keyword research through Google’s Keyword Planner tools to see what sort of volume is searching for the products or services you intend to offer within your brand. 

You can also look at general population data too if you are searching for specific data, but remember that brands are made from more than just data. There is also the heart and passion which contributes to a successful mix. 


Are you feeling more excited about the launch of your wellness brand? You can always find similar brands and let them be an inspiration to you and guide your decisions. With enough planning and dedication, you might have a very successful business on your hands.