Americans make up around fifty percent of the global shoe market each year. That’s a lot of shoes!

But how do you know which types of shoes you actually need, and which ones are just clutter?

Luckily, we have the information you need. Let’s go through the top types of shoes you definitely need on hand.

Dress Shoes

If you have to go to a fancy occasion, you need dress shoes. They can be a little expensive, but it’s worth the investment. It is good to find dress shoes that are a good balance of looks and comfort. This is a good reason to try them out, so you know that they are comfortable enough to get you through your workday or event.

Men have several different options when it comes to dress shoes. A nice leather shoe in a neutral color, like black, grey, or brown, is suitable for most dress codes. They are a little boring, though, so you can also look for more creative options in fun colors. Or, look at dress shoes with contrasting-color laces, stitching, or soles, for something a little more fun but still subtle. 

For women, dress shoes usually involve heels (but they don’t have to!). Classic black pumps are an easy choice if you’re struggling with shoes that match your outfit. But, if you prefer not to wear heels, there are other options. Nice loafers are a perfectly acceptable choice in dress shoes for women. Del Toro Shoes can help you style your loafers.

Sneakers or Athletic Shoes

Even if you literally never exercise, it’s still a good idea to have a nice pair of walking shoes on hand. These shoes are easy to walk in for long distances, whether you want to walk over to a friend’s house or run a casual errand. They’re also a good choice for in case you injure yourself, and you need something easier to wear around.

And, of course, if you do participate in sports or other athletic activities, a good pair of sneakers is mandatory. When you’re looking at your options, take a look over here for more info

Non Slip shoes

Depending on your work, hobbies and activities it is always advisable to wear non-slip shoes. If you work in a restaurant or in a barbershop, or in a salon, there is always either hair on the floor or just slippery floors so non-slip shoes in a working environment are essential. As well as non-slip shoes are good for those who have hobbies like skateboarding. Shoes like non-slip vans  give skateboarders the confidence to try and execute more complex tricks and maneuvers because they know they won’t accidentally slide or slip.

Sandals, Water Shoes or Flip Flops

Sometimes, you just need shoes that don’t keep your feet all bound up. Of course, these shoes are very beneficial for the summer months, since you don’t want to get too hot. But, they can be helpful at other times of the year, too.

If you’re getting a pedicure, for example, you’ll need a pair of open-toed shoes in order to get home without smushing up the polish. Or if you go to the gym, you’ll want flip-flops or slides to wear in the shower. 

Water shoes are a good idea for trips to the beach or other water attractions. Next time you plan a beach vacation, be sure to pack water shoes so that there are no mishaps that could ruin your travels.


Sometimes, you just need your ankles covered. It might be raining, for example. Or you may be going to an area you know will be especially muddy, like the forest. That’s why it’s always important to have a good, sturdy pair of boots on hand.

If you live in a particularly rainy area, rainboots may also be a good idea. The length can depend on your fashion preferences, but if there tend to be constant puddles on the sidewalk you may want to look into boots that rise a little higher on your legs than ankle length. Wellingtons are one classic choice. Check this thursday captain boot review to help you decide on which pair of boots you need.

Work Shoes

Depending on where you work, you may want a dedicated type of shoes to wear. Usually, these should be ones that fit the dress code, but are still comfortable to wear. For more casual jobs, slip-on shoes might fit the bill. However, for a more corporate office job, where you may be client-facing, smart office shoes would be more appropriate attire. 

But, you may have specific issues that make it harder for you to find comfortable work shoes. People with high arches or flat feet may have some trouble. Or, if you have wider or narrower feet than average, you may have difficulty finding shoes at all. In those cases, you’ll want to look for brands that offer specific shoes for wider or narrower feet — they’ll usually be marked by an ‘n’ or a ‘w’.

And, of course, some jobs require specific forms of footwear to keep you safe. If you work on a construction site, for example, you’ll probably need to wear steel-toed boots at work. If you’re unsure, talk to your coworkers about what shoes they wear to work.

Travel Shoes

When you’re traveling, you need a good pair of shoes to help you get around. The pair of shoes you choose will likely depend on where you plan to go. If you’re planning to head out in nature, you’ll definitely need a good pair of hiking boots.

If your upcoming trip is more of a city-based vacation, you can probably stick with sneakers or slip-on shoes, with another pair of nice shoes if you plan to go out. That is, of course, assuming that you have enough room in your luggage for multiple pairs of shoes. 

Of course, your trip could combine these things, or it could be something else entirely. Look for packing guides based on your itinerary to help you find the shoes you need for traveling. 


When you wear shoes in the house, you track dirt all over the place. That’s why you need a nice, fluffy pair of slippers to wear at home. This will also help you relax, and give your feet a chance to breathe after a long day at work. 

Types of Shoes: Shop Today

If you’re missing any of these types of shoes from your collection, it’s time to go shopping. So, start looking into specific shoes that you like that will fulfill your needs. 

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