Did you know that playing an instrument is your brain’s equivalent to a full-body workout?

Every child has a right to experience the joy that music has to offer. But unless you’re a musician, you may not know what to expect when your child asks for private lessons. 

If your child is interested in guitar lessons, there are a few things to keep in mind before hiring a teacher. 

Keep reading to learn more about beginner lessons for guitar! 

What are Guitar Lessons?

Instrumental lessons are a way for you to learn an instrument faster and more efficiently. It is no secret that there is a YouTube video out there for everything.

But by teaching yourself, you miss out on fundamentals that can impact the time it takes to learn your instrument.

Guitar lessons for beginners focus on the foundations of musical knowledge needed to advance to the next level. This includes scales, notation, and basic chords. 

If you’re considering online guitar lessons for beginners, private instructors will focus on the same techniques. So there’s no need to worry!  

When your child starts taking lessons, they may not learn that riff or melody that inspired them to pick up the instrument at the first guitar lesson. Before they do that, they must know the basics. 

The good news is that with consistent lessons and personal practice, they will work themselves up to the level needed to play their favorite tunes. 

What to Expect

At first, progress will be slow. Do not let this discourage your child. It is helpful to reassure them that if they’re dedicated, they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. 

Your child’s fingers will hurt and callouses will develop. This is completely normal. It is caused by pressing down on the strings or strumming. 

Another important thing to consider when starting guitar lessons is the cost. Your child’s guitar lessons might be offered as a package or a weekly rate. This can range from $30-100 a week. 

While there is the cost of the lessons, there is also the cost of equipment. 

Buying a Guitar

First, you must discuss with your child whether they want to learn electric or acoustic guitar. Both instruments involve the same technique, but an acoustic guitar doesn’t need much equipment. 

It is good to think ahead and know that your child may not like guitar lessons. Nonetheless, beginner guitars are your best option.

Acoustic guitar lessons for beginners focus on the same techniques as electric guitar, but they are slightly different.  

If your child wants to play electric guitar, you will also need to buy an amplifier and a few cords to hook it up.

Beginner Lessons for Guitar

Instrumental lessons can seem like a scary investment. But this is no reason to withhold the wondrous experience that music has to offer. 

Music is something every child should experience. After reading this guide, you should be more knowledgeable about beginner guitar lessons and what to expect from them. 

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