In the world of fashion, knowing how to style and accessorize your attire is essential. From add-ons like jewelry, hair accessories, and watches to must-haves like shoes, and bags, finding the right combinations can make or break a look. But those are not the only accessories you have to think about while dressing up. In fact, nothing complements a fashionable outfit like well-coordinated statement belts and scarves!

Keep on reading to learn how to style these accessories and get professional advice from D2Line on choosing the right belts and scarfs for any occasion and social scene.

The importance of accessories 

Clothes make the base of an outfit. Accessories accentuate it. They have the power to make a fit stand out in a unique and alluring way and make any outfit look complete. With that in mind, accessorizing is extremely important if you want to create fashionable and stylish looks that leave everyone astonished. 

Belts and how to style them

Skinny belts for an elegant look

When it comes to elegance, simple is better. So if you are going for an elegant and classy look, then definitely choose a minimalistic skinny belt with fewer or no embellishments at all.  Whether you chose to wear a fitting dress or a stylish suit set, picking a thin neutral-colored belt that gently hugs your waist will accentuate your silhouette and elevate your attire.

Wide belts for a statement look

If you want to achieve a more bold look that screams ‘look at me’, then a wide belt is a perfect choice. Wide belts are kind of fashionably-odd, they are interesting and vibrant, and that makes them more of a statement piece. This belt is great to top up a winter coat, an everyday dress, or a business-casual dress. 

Braided belt for a care-free look

Braided belts are the perfect addition to a casual carefree outfit. This accessory works well with sundresses, flowy dresses, A-line skirts, everyday jeans, and even swimsuit cover-ups. If you want to embrace the big city lifestyle – go for a leather braided belt. And in case you want to encourage a more summery vibe, choose a colorful textile belt that matches your fit. 

Scarfs and how to style them

Finish up an outfit 

Once you have all the must-have accessories on and you want to further elevate your outfit, complete the look with a beautiful scarf. Depending on the occasion and the social environment, there are different kinds of scarves you can wear. 

Satin neckerchiefs and silk scarfs are both very elegant and sophisticating options that would look amazing with a formal outfit. Wear them on your neck in the office or when you go for a business meeting, a friendly outing, or a fine-dining romantic date. Combine with a classy suit or an elegant dress.

If you want to top up a casual outfit, think about picking a flowy and lightweight chiffon scarf. Feel free to wear it in many different ways to make your clothes more interesting and enchanting. Get more scarf styling ideas in the next couple of paragraphs.

Hair accessory 

The best thing about scarfs is how versatile they are. Even when you are not feeling like wearing a scarf, nobody said you have to wear it in a traditional way. Model the scarf on your neck for an effortless everyday look. Alternatively, you can also use it as a hair accessory. 

For example, wear it like a ribbon, as a tie, or simply braid it along with your hair. All these hairstyles are very on-trend right now. So if you have a favorite scarf but you are not sure how to make the best of it, try our creative suggestions next time. 

Bag accessory 

Do your bags need a little character? Scarfs can also be used as stylish bag embellishments, especially if you have a beautiful twilly scarf in your wardrobe. Twillies are easy to adjust, which makes them amazing bag accessories! 

There are a few ways to incorporate a thin scarf into a bag design. For instance, you can tie it on the handles like ribbons for a statement, or wrap the whole handles with a twilly. These methods are top-notch for adding color to a boring-looking or monochrome bag.