Newborn photography is an art that takes a lot of work and training but can create photos that you’ll be able to celebrate for a lifetime.  Whether this is your first baby or your third, it’s important to be careful when you plan a newborn photo session so that you can get the best results possible.

These are the three best ways to keep a baby calm during a newborn photography session!

newborn baby

Bring Things From Home That Will Keep Your Baby Comfortable

Bringing things in from home will help you more than anything else!  This means food, toys, comfortable blankets, soothing music that you often play for your child at home, and so much more.  Even though it can be a hassle to bring out so many things, keeping your child as comfortable as possible will ensure that you’re able to take a lot of pictures.

Something many parents don’t consider is how cold a photography studio can get!  Bring tons of clothing and blankets to keep them snuggly and warm, and ensure that you pay attention to how they’re feeling and reacting.

You can get rid of any fussiness with some skin-to-skin time, which can also make for a fantastic photo opportunity, and should be planned for.  If the parents are planning on having their hands in the photos holding or touching their babies, it might be a good idea to also consider getting a manicure or just generally trimming and cleaning your nails beforehand so they look nice in the pictures.  

Prepare Ahead of Time By Feeding and Keeping Them Awake

The best baby and newborn photography are taken when the infant is asleep or is falling asleep.  These are the moments when babies are most peaceful and can do the best job at keeping their angelic looks in the photos.

Feeding your baby will make them sleepier since their body will be working to digest food, and keeping them awake until they arrive ensures that they’ll be tired enough when you get there to cooperate for at least the first couple of hours.

This is plenty of time to get a fantastic photo session and allows you to capture some of the most adorable moments of their life so far.  Ask your newborn photographer ahead of time if there’s anything you can do to make the session go smoother.

Consider Setting Up Multiple Sessions To Make it Better For Everyone.

We would all love to save money and get it all done in one go: but sometimes you need multiple sessions.  Start by contacting your photographer as early as possible, before the baby is born, to plan this session.  Newborn photographs are usually only considered such if they’re taken when the baby is between five to fourteen days old, so waiting until your child is born could complicate what photographers are available.

If you plan on capturing pictures with tons of family members or in multiple outfits, having more than one session will let you take as many pictures as you want while still ensuring your baby is comfortable and docile through most of them.

Your Baby is Only a Newborn Once!

When your baby is born, it’s a special occasion that you’ll want to cherish for the rest of your life.  Take the time to grab a fantastic photo session, and ensure your baby is as comfortable and happy as possible during them.