Social workers are generally regarded as givers – individuals who strive tirelessly and step out of their comfort zones to help others day and night. People who fit best in this field have humanitarian and philanthropic traits. If you’re striving to pursue a career that offers various meaningful options and allows you to experience a great deal of job satisfaction, explore the area of social work.

What Does a Social Worker Degree Program Contain?

In a social work degree program, you fulfill all the general education requirements necessary for your academicdevelopment. However, students are majorly engaged in subjects that deal with practical and theoretical knowledge of human behavior. They also cover cultural diversity, social interactions, economic institutions, sociology, psychology, social welfare policy, the study of groups and individuals, etc. Since experience is an essential part of social work qualifications, students continually engage in practice-based training and project work. Most of which aims to promote social change, cohesion, development, and the empowerment of people and communities.

According to the US BLS, more than 680,000 people were employed as social workers in 2016. Experts believe that the number will rise to 790,000 by 2026 as more and more people realize the significance of social work in today’s era. Most people wonder why social workers would want to dedicate their entire lives in service to others. As it turns out, the benefits of working as a social worker significantly outweigh the drawbacks. Here are several reasons that further elaborate on why you should study social work:

1. Make Positive Impacts

After graduating from flexible online MSW programs no GRE, you understand what changes are needed to improve this world. Such online degree programs equip you with all the training and knowledge you require to uplift communities and voice for social issues. Eventually, you learn how to help people overcome their troubles in various social settings and improve their quality of life.

2. Become Part of a Growing Field

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of social workers will grow 12% from 2020 to 2030. The growth rate of this field is faster than various other professional opportunities. Each year, an average of 78,300 social worker job openings will likely surface, meaning you’ll never run out of meaningful work opportunities.

3. Enjoy Various Professional Roles

In today’s time, we’re witnessing an abundance of social causes, meaning there is a wide variety of professional roles available in the field. You can choose from various roles to work for something you are truly passionate about and for which you possess the essential skills. Examples of social roles you can engage in are social activists, child protection, elderly care, fostering, raising awareness, healthcare, etc.

4. Chance to Grow

Once you graduate from a social work degree program, you leave your institute with a terrific deal of knowledge and skills in pursuit of experience. As you enter the field of social work, you realize that your education offers you a variety of positions, including supervisory and management roles in your preferred specialization. And as you move up the ladder and gain more experience, your credentials allow you to grow further and even begin private practice.

5. Transferable Skills

Employers value the impeccable amount of skills you learn from a social work degree in different employment settings. These skills include leadership, team building, problem-solving, time management, budgeting, empathy, communication, teamwork, etc. Suppose at any point you want to venture into a different profession. In that case, your social worker skills allow you to transition easily into other careers.

6. Remain in demand

According to the United Nations, currently, the world is dealing with various social issues that require your attention. These include climate change, decolonization, democracy, child labor, abuse, poverty, hunger, gender equality, human rights, health, peace and security, refugees, water scarcity, population growth, etc. Unless all of these social issues are resolved, your work will always remain in demand.

7. Better Identify with Yourself

Studying social work will teach you things about yourself you probably wouldn’t have realized otherwise. Throughout the course, you will understand how to better cope with uncomfortable or undesirable situations. You’ll also learn tomanage your emotions, improve your strengths, and counter your weaknesses. Learning about human behavior and emotional intelligence in this field makes you realize how to deal better with yourself.

8. Meet Like-Minded People

In other degree programs, people often grow apart after choosing different specializations. But in a social work degree program, everyone has one goal – to make a difference in the world. In fulfilling your goal and standing up for various human rights, you make meaningful long-term connections with like-minded people. Your relationship with these people only strengthens as you advance towards achieving your goal together.

9. Come Across Great Opportunities

When advancing into a professional career after completing a degree in social work, you come across several lucrativeopportunities. As a social worker, you tend to visit exciting new places, go on trips abroad, interact with various cultures and communities, live spontaneously, etc. These fun opportunities introduce a great deal of excitement in your life.

10. Realize the True Value of Things

Seeing humanity struggle for the most fundamental necessities of life like clean air, food, water, and shelter makes you realize the true value of things. The upsetting sights make you truly grateful for everything you have. As a result, you realize that true wealth does not lie in monetary and material things. This realization instills a responsibility in you to support the underprivileged and marginalized communities. 

11. Gain Exceptional Social Knowledge

As a social work scholar, you come across various branches of sociology, including history, criminology, religion, economy, rural-urban philosophy, etc. All of these make social work lectures immensely informative and interesting. Eventually, your exceptional social knowledge prepares you to deal with various challenges, offering a plethora of experience in all fields of life.


Social work is a fast-growing field, and more and more adults are getting interested in this career path. This profession does not offer many material and monetary benefits, and it can be exceptionally demanding and stressful at times. Nonetheless, this field is highly rewarding and lucrative. 


By improving the environment you live in and impacting the lives of people around you with your effort, you feel more content with your life. The reasons mentioned above further explain why you should study social work and establish a career in making significant differences in your community. So, enroll in a social work degree program today to understand the challenges of your society and train to work with some of the most vulnerable groups of people.