Most families have limited budgets and only so much money available to spend on their children’s birthday parties over the years. 

However, sometimes situations can occur when you get a sudden influx of cash that you can flash on an epic party or have a child’s grandparents or others offering to pay for a no-expense-spared event. 

In these cases, why not go crazy and have fun planning a kids’ party that you, your family, friends, and other guests won’t ever forget?

Hire an Amazing Party Planner

If you want to impress when it comes to an epic children’s birthday party, it pays to bring in the professionals. Hire a well-known party planner with years of experience creating unique events. They can give you lots of ideas for how to develop remarkable party concepts and help you put them all together so you can spend more time doing other things. 

Plus, quality party planners typically have excellent contacts in all areas of the industry, meaning they can help sort you out vendors for everything from venues and cakes to entertainers, decorations, and more. They can be worth hiring just for the access they give you to the top people in various facets of the field but combined with their know-how and creativity, they’re often well worth any money outlaid to procure their services. Even if you purchase your own balloon arch, it is much easier to hire someone to take on the work.

Host a Foam Party

If you want to add an extra level of excitement to your child’s birthday party, consider throwing a foam party. Foam parties are a popular trend that involves filling a room or outdoor space with foam and letting kids play and dance in it. You can rent a foam machine and there are companies that specialize in creating foam party experiences.

Hosting a foam party can be a fun way to keep kids entertained for hours, and it’s a great option for warmer weather. Just be sure to choose a safe and appropriate space for the party and to have plenty of towels on hand for kids to dry off when they’re finished playing. Additionally, parents of young children may want to be mindful of any potential safety concerns and make sure that their children are supervised at all times.

Host the Party at an Amazing Venue

If you have a beautiful home that you love to show off, you might like to host your child’s birthday party at the property. However, if you want to go for something, even more, wow, or if you simply don’t want the burden of having the event at your own place and the preparation and clean-up that come with that, consider hiring a venue. If you are planning on catering a sweet sixteen party, for example, there are services that can do everything for you, including hiring a DJ, photographer, and even a venue with an all-inclusive theme for your child’s special day they won’t soon forget.

There are all sorts of options you can choose from, so think outside the box and factor in the season, your child’s interests, proximity, and more. For example, you could hire out a whole movie theater, bowling alley, gaming center, ski lodge, hotel, or castle, or even contact a theme park about hiring a space on-site where you can throw a birthday party that kids will be clamoring to attend. 

Opt for a Fireworks Display

Kids and adults alike love looking up at the night sky as fireworks impress with their beauty and bangs. Therefore, you might like to ramp up your next kids’ birthday party by arranging for a big fireworks show to cap off the event. You can buy quality fireworks online or head to your local store or another supplier for products. Alternatively, many venues have an option of adding fireworks to your booking contract, so you can go through a third party if you’d prefer. 

Just ensure that you warn parents of young children or those with sensitivity to noise, such as children on the spectrum, about the display that will occur so they can prepare their kids appropriately or guide them to another area during the time of the fireworks show. You may want to consider getting some ear noise protection for children who would find the noise upsetting.

Bring In a Celebrity Chef to Cater

If you or your children are big foodies, you might decide to bring in a celebrity chef to cater. Have you watched cooking shows together as a family for years? If so, you may be able to hire one of the well-known names to come out of one of the series to make the food for your event or hire someone who’s popular with kids on YouTube or TikTok, or the like. You can always look online to come up with ideas and see what is trending, like Tiktok Birthday Cake ideas.

Keep in mind, too, that when you have parents attending the party, they will be keen to eat delicious food, so you could pick a chef who’s well-regarded for running top restaurants in your local area or even further afield. 

Hire a Famous Entertainer

Hiring a famous entertainer is another way to elicit lots of oohs and ahhs at the birthday party you put on. You might go with a world-class magician or a celebrity singer or band. Other options include popular dance or animal acts, circus performers, medieval-style jousters, Disney characters or other people in popular costumes, or comedians (for teen birthday parties). You could also hire a famous actor who can pop by to make an appearance and do a meet and greet. 

Entertainment is often what sets a raved-about party apart from one that’s fun but less memorable. Plus, children often have a short attention span, so it’s crucial to have plenty of things for them to see and do if you want to keep them engaged for the whole party. Impressive entertainment will help you do this. 

Other ideas to design “wow” birthday parties for kids include giving out expensive gifts to attendees, making a whole weekend or vacation of it, and having multiple outfit changes for your children and yourself. You might even decide to create your own adventure or water park or build a maze specifically for the occasion. 

The ideas are endless, so be open to various options and see which ones will make your child the happiest and give you the biggest kick out of hosting.