If coming to Apple from Windows, how to save an image on MacBook may be one of many questions that you have as you struggle to learn the “new” operating system. Frustrating though it may seem, about 71 percent of students either own or would prefer a Mac, so the house that Jobs built must be doing something right.

In this article, we take a step-by-step breakdown of saving an image to your MacBook. Let’s begin!

1. Pick Image

Before you can save an image on MacBook, you have to find one worth saving. That means doing keyword search terms on sites like Flickr, Google Images, or one of the many paid services. It’s possible to find free photos through Flickr, Google Images, and other sites.

However, quality and selection are usually not as extensive. You’ll also need to watch for terms like “Creative Commons License” or “Free to reuse, modify, and share” when filtering. Otherwise, you could end up in some hot water legally.

2. Right Click

The next step to saving an image on MacBook is to “right-click.” This is easy if you’re using a standard two-button mouse. If using the Trackpad, you’ll have to modify but it’s still easy. Simply click down on the pad with two fingers and wait for the right-click menu to appear.

3. Save Image As

Step three in the process of how to save an image on your MacBook is to look through the menu options. Scan until you find the phrase, “Save Image As.” Selecting this option is as easy as a single click. From there, it’s on to step four.

4. Choose Location

If you’ve ever had to save an image on your Windows-based computer, then take heart. You’re home free. All you have to do is select the folder into which you will send the photo.

Choose a location that’s easy to remember. If it’s not, consider renaming. Now is not the time to get creative with your filing system.

5. Hit Save

The next-to-final step after you’ve selected the appropriate folder is to press the save button. And there you have it. You’ve learned to save an image on Mac.

Oh wait, before you go, there’s one more thing! You have to decide whether the image you’ve saved is fine as-is or needs modification. Advance to step six if you need to modify.

6. Make Your Final Edits

Many content creators do not wish to use an image exactly as they found it. They want to modify in some way to make unique the content to which it is attached. For example, you might want to use a photo background remover tool that enables you to manipulate images for rebranding purposes.

Whatever edits you plan to do, choose a program that is able to both access your photo easily and export it for final use. Adobe Photoshop is the pioneer in photo editing software and one you may want to consider. 

Learning How to Save an Image on MacBook Is Simple

It’s not difficult learning how to save an image on MacBook, but you do need to be careful and follow the steps as presented. This will save you time, frustration, and headache, and it could even save you from a lawsuit. For more technology tips, check out some of our other posts!