Almost 84% of newborns will breastfeed early on, however, this number slowly declines as the baby gets older and breastfeeding issues arise. That is because breastfeeding can be difficult for many reasons, from low milk supply to latching problems.

So, how do you ensure that you can breastfeed as successfully as possible? There are a few tricks that can help, depending on your particular needs. 

Read on for 5 breastfeeding tips for any new mom. 

1. Try Different Positions for Latching

Your first tip for breastfeeding for beginners is to make sure your baby is latching properly.

Before you start feeding get in a comfortable position. Then try one of these positions to see what works for you.

  • Lying down with your baby next to you.
  • Cradling your baby in front of you with their body resting on your stomach.
  • Holding your baby like a football with their body under your arm at your side.

No matter which position you choose be sure your baby’s head is in line with their body and their mouth opens wide for a good latch. 

You may find a nursing pillow to be helpful in supporting and positioning your baby.

2. Use a Breast Pump to Increase Supply

One of the biggest challenges is increasing your milk supply early on. To check to see how much you are producing and to tell your body to make more milk use a breast pump

Shop this product and ones like it to collect breast milk for your baby and increase your supply for when your baby is feeding. More pumping tips include pumping while you are feeding from one breast and pumping after you feed to make your body think your baby needs more milk.

3. Feed on Demand

One of the benefits of breastfeeding includes a bonding experience with your baby. And to do it properly, you need to listen to your baby’s needs.

This means feeding him or her whenever they express hunger. It will keep your baby happy and increase your milk supply. So, be available for your baby even if it means clutter feeding or using your breasts for comfort to sleep.  

4. Use Lactation Supplements and Foods

For breastfeeding help, many lactation supplements increase milk production and solve issues such as blocked nipple ducts. These supplements come in herbal forms like teas and tinctures that can be ingested or applied to your nipple for relief. 

You can also add herbs and foods like fenugreek, oats, and pumpkin to your diet to increase milk. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat protein-rich foods as well. 

5. Count Dirty Diapers

For first-time mothers, it is frustrating when you are unsure how much milk your baby is getting. However, there is a trick to follow. Look at the number of dirty diapers your baby has in 24 hours. 

The general rule is one pee and one poop diaper for each day after their birth. If your baby is not soiling his or her diapers as much as they should then they may need to eat more often. 

Breastfeeding Tips Differ for Everyone

The most difficult thing about breastfeeding is that every mother and baby are different. That is why these breastfeeding tips can change based on your situation. Just know that whatever method you are choosing to feed your baby is the right one as long as both you and your baby are happy and healthy. 

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