You already know how healthy habits can dramatically improve your well-being, but these habits are hard to come by and maintain when you don’t have the time to do anything. Whether it’s work, childcare, errands, or all at the same time, it’s no wonder so many moms feel frazzled. Everyone needs to take a break now and then, but you don’t need to book in at the best spa in town. You can treat yourself from the comfort of your own home. 

Pamper Yourself 

Pampering yourself doesn’t happen enough. You don’t remember the last time you gave yourself a mani-pedi or even painted your nails just because you felt like it. A DIY spa day can change all of this, especially if you don’t want to spend too much on a fully-fledged spa resort. 

It’s easy to run a bath, light some scented candles and put on some of your favorite music, or crack open the book that’s been on your nightside for far too long. If you want to take this a step further, ask your partner if they want to provide a consistent stream of refreshments. Hey, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Get Cozy 

If you’re not a fan of sitting in the bath for hours, you can settle down and get cozy in your favorite dressing gown and munch on some snacks without feeling guilty that you’re not doing anything. 

With so much on TV and streaming sites, you have plenty to catch up on, so fire up your devices and start from the very beginning. You can choose something light and simple that doesn’t demand too much, or you can finally get around to watching the top-rated shows of the year that everyone at the office is talking about. 

Send the Kids Out for the Day 

This option may not be so easy, but if your partner is willing to take the kids on a fun day out (and tire them out so they are ready for bed as soon as they get home), getting the kids out of the house means you can enjoy your day entirely uninterrupted. 

Every parent has had a big day of nothing planned only to hear their kids shouting for them because disaster (at least in their mind) has struck. With the kids out of the way, you have the entire day to yourself. 

Switch Off Your Phone 

Everyone should switch off their phone now and again to de-stress and escape from the digital prison that is entirely humanity’s making. 

You never realize how much time you waste scrolling through social media until you put your phone down and do something else. Switching your phone off means you won’t fall down rabbit holes of people you went to high school with and the office can’t get in touch asking if you can help out later today. 

You Deserve It 

Too many people feel guilty about treating themselves, especially when they feel they have a hundred-and-one things to do. But burning the candle at every possible end is a recipe for disaster. Mostly, you only need a day to relax and unwind, and then you can get back to doing what you do best, which could be everything