Inflation is raging currently with people around the world wondering how they will survive financially. The price of gas is something that might require further federal government intervention to stabilize or lower. Survival is possible with various options to leverage and extra work that can be done. Saving money where possible is obviously going to be imperative as extraneous spending should be eliminated. Below will be tips to help your entire family thrive during inflation even though it presents a challenge. 

Creating An Expense List and Finding Where To Save

Expenses can be fixed without another option for a provider like utility companies. Other providers can be switched like a smartphone provider to save monthly. People have cut their cable bills in favor of streaming services as some are even free. Staying entertained with an internet connection can be quite easy as you can even watch live sporting events. 

Subscriptions that you have could have been forgotten about. Creating a list of all of your monthly expenses can clarify which expenses can be reduced or eliminated. There are lifestyle options that you can modify like turning up the thermostat or not allowing water to run. 

Freelancing Can Allow Everyone to Earn Extra 

Picking up a second job is not an option for everyone. Childcare is so expensive that it can be more expensive to work a minimum wage job while paying for childcare. Freelancing can be the answer as you will not have to leave home as you can easily earn online. 

Skills will vary in how much value they can bring you for a project or hourly. The demand for various skills can allow a person to make a healthy income with just a few hours of work daily. Freelance web developers and copywriters will have no issue finding work. Quality work and hitting deadlines can create a very reliable reputation which is paramount for a freelancer. 

Retirees Have A Number Of Options 

Owning a home can be a great way to battle inflation as home prices are currently rising at rapid rates. Leveraging your equity in the home is possible with a reverse mortgage. Being paid cash monthly to live in your home is a great deal for those on a fixed income. A lump-sum payment is also possible if deciding to improve the home or eliminate any other debts. 

Qualifying for a reverse mortgage will require a few different aspects. You have to have over 50 percent equity in the home and it has to be a primary residence. You cannot take out a reserve mortgage on a vacation or investment property. The beauty of this form of agreement is that there are no income requirements. Check out a reverse mortgage calculator online at to see how much you can receive monthly. Leverage your home equity during this time rather than continually struggle and put additional debt on credit cards. 

Downsizing a current home is another option that can be quite viable. A hot housing market can lead to a bidding war and a massive offer on a home. Look at comparable homes in your area to see what you can expect in terms of an offer for your home when it is listed. Zillow can be a great tool to take a look at how quickly homes seem to be selling in your area. 

Investments in the stock market should also be moved to more conservative options. Dividend stocks can allow a person or couple to live comfortably from the money they already have invested. The last thing any retiree wants is to lose their retirement fund in a market crash due to investing in companies deemed as risky. 

Investing In Rental Properties

There is talk of a housing bubble that can scare those trying to flip homes away from large projects. Rental properties can help earn during inflation while most homes will appreciate. Holding onto these assets can even help the investor weather drops in property values. The rental markets in a number of places are very competitive which can lead to expensive rental prices. 

Inflation will eventually stabilize but there is no end in sight. Do not allow this time to put your family behind financially. Thriving during this time can lead to great investments that will appreciate during what many view as a major recession in the stock market. Challenging times can lead you to create new streams of revenue, save more, and invest. These lessons can be taken with your family far after massive inflation is a thing of the past.