The most common garage door problems and repairs are broken torsion spring, unaligned photo-eye, erratically moving garage doors, and more. Most garage door issues require the help of a professional, so it is a good idea to reach out to them for garage door repair.

We discuss a few tips for what you should do in the case of a garage door issue.

Unresponsive garage door

You can find out how to repair your unresponsive garage door by looking at common issues. For example, you can check whether the photo eyes are malfunctioning. They align across the garage door, and when they become damaged, they will not open. In addition, you can check for other problems, such as worn cords. If you find a problem, you should contact a professional garage door service provider such as Overhead Door Company of Puget Sound.

Another possible cause of unresponsive garage doors is a malfunctioning GFI. This could prevent the garage door from working correctly and cause it to use its backup battery. To fix a blown GFI, you can try pressing the reset button on a wall outlet. It is usually located in the garage, laundry room, or main bathroom. If these steps fail, you should call a garage door technician for repairs.

Broken torsion spring

If your garage door is stuck, a broken torsion spring can cause it to open and close unevenly. In most cases, you can repair this problem yourself by removing the broken spring and lubricating it. Then, you can install a new one by threading it into the torsion tube. Ensure the springs are equal in tension to prevent rough opening and closing. Also, you should wind the springs in the opposite direction of the ones you have already removed. Then, you can use a measuring hook to measure the diameter of the springs. You should not over-tighten the springs because you could damage the torsion tube.

You should take note of the signs of broken torsion springs. Gaps often accompany broken torsion springs, and there may even be a loud snapping noise.  It is best to contact a garage door repair specialist for proper diagnosis in such situations. The springs that snap are usually causing other parts to become damaged. It is also important to note that a broken torsion spring will most likely cause loose cables, which can cause further stress on other components.

Unaligned photo-eye

Misaligned photo eyes in garage doors can be challenging to spot, but they are a common cause of trouble. The photo eye sensors will flash if there’s an issue, and you can usually tell by the light that blinks when the mechanism opens. To determine whether the photo eyes are correctly aligned, measure the distance between them and the garage door. If the heights are similar, they should be in line.

A malfunctioning photo-eye sensor may have been moved or damaged. If so, clean and re-align the photo eye sensors. Cleaning lenses with a damp cloth and drying them should fix the problem. If the photo eye sensors aren’t in good alignment, adjust the lenses to face the opposite lens.

It was erratically moving the garage door.

They are erratically moving garage doors is not always a sign of a significant problem. They may simply need to be lubricated. However, if the door is squeaking or popping, a malfunctioning photo-eye sensor may be blamed. When it does not work correctly, the door may close on your vehicle or family members. Common garage door repairs and solutions are for erratically moving garage doors.

In many cases, erratically moving garage doors are due to poor lubrication. Oil and grease are essential to make the rollers and pulleys move smoothly and quietly. When oil or grease becomes stale, it causes friction, which can cause the door to shake or even collapse. If you have erratically moving garage doors, you may need to replace the garage door’s rollers and motor.