Being a first-time mom is a scary time. A lot of people depict it as a time of excitement and relief but in reality, it is a time for sore backs (and many other parts!), high irritability, and not enough sleep, especially if you haven’t had much throughout the pregnancy. It might feel like life is just taking the joke a little too far when it wasn’t even that funny in the first place. 

It can be made even worse by everyone swarming around you wanting to see the baby and not actually helping your nerves at all. However, with every step you move away from your child’s birth and you begin your long journey of healing, things will get better. Here are some things that might help you with this journey. 

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You might need to look into finding a lactation consultant

This is something that might sound a little embarrassing at first, but it is very important. Issues with lactation can cause a huge range of problems and can cause you and the baby a lot of unneeded stress. You are going to need to make sure that you are feeling as relaxed as you can, and issues during breastfeeding (which can be seen as one of the key bonding moments between a mother and their child) is something no mother wishes to encounter. 

By looking into resources, such as IBCLC, you can find an amazing consultant who can help you get through this stressful period and keep your mom and baby journey on track without the need for any further stress. 

You might need to look into getting back support

After carrying something on your front for nine months that has been growing at a huge speed, you need to make sure that you get the right support for your back. Many women struggle with chronic back pain after their child’s birth making them highly dependent on their spouse or family to do most or even all of the lifting. 

It can make playing and leaning down with your children difficult and can leave you in tears of pain and frustration. Looking into going to see the doctor about this pain is also a good idea, as they will be able to give you the best medical advice. This is something that might be able to be solved with a little bit of rest, or you might need corrective surgery on your abdominal muscles to help you go back to living a little more comfortably. 

Don’t forget you need privacy

Remember that you are entitled to privacy. So many people are going to want to see the baby, claiming that they have waited so long and it simply isn’t fair. But remember, this point in your life is really important and as the mother you have every right to have the first couple of weeks with just you and baby, healing and bonding. People will make this all about the child, but you must remember, you did all the work here, so really it’s all about you.