Did you know that a woman’s uterus can expand up to 500 times its original size during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a magical thing that can be beautiful, but still, take a toll on the mother.

If you are expecting a child and want to prepare yourself, physically and mentally, there are a few things to know about. 

Keep reading if you want to learn about some of the most common pregnancy body changes that you will experience! 

Weight Gain 

One of the first and worst pregnancy body changes that women experience is weight gain.

Although gaining weight doesn’t seem or feel like a good thing when you look in the mirror, it is an essential part of the process. Most women gain around 20-35 pounds during their pregnancy, which helps support the baby. Losing weight or not gaining any could be an indication of a risky pregnancy or other issues. 

Talk to your doctor if you feel that you aren’t gaining weight as you should. 

Pregnancy Brain 

The effects of pregnancy on your body go much deeper than the skin and muscles. 

Pregnancy brain is a real thing that women experience and there is scientific evidence to back it up. As the body prepares for giving birth, it uses more energy in certain areas, leaving you unable to function how you once could. 

Memory lapses are common for expecting mothers since their brain tissue shrinks during pregnancy. This shrinkage impacts your cognition and behaviors. 

Emotional Instability

With so many hormones fluctuating and increasing, it is no wonder that pregnant deal with emotional instability. 

Many pregnant women are on the verge of tears, laughter, and anger at the same time. When the body is in hyper-drive creating a mini-version of themselves, they aren’t able to regulate emotions. This can become overwhelming and lead to anxiety, which impacts mental and physical health. 

Learning deep breathing and trying to find calming activities can help you regulate these emotions. It is also a good idea to talk to a professional for support and guidance. Depression and anxiety can quickly turn into chronic conditions if left unaddressed. 


Whether you are dealing with a brighter complexion, longer hair, or weight gain, your appearance will evolve.

As you get through the stages of pregnancy, your body will change to prepare for birth. Your breasts will change shape and the areolas will become darker, this helps when you need to breastfeed. You might also notice a difference in your skin’s complexion, most women get a glow but you may also have dry spots at times. 

You can learn about mommy makeovers if you need a boost of confidence and pampering. At the end of the day, find the beauty and strength in yourself. Makeup can help, but loving yourself is much more powerful. 

Be Prepared for These Pregnancy Body Changes 

Learning about pregnancy body changes can be terrifying, but the more that you learn, the more prepared you can get. 

Although you get uncomfortable and emotional, you can still enjoy pregnancy and the beautiful changes that occur. Don’t forget to give yourself a break. Every woman handles pregnancy differently and there is no “right” way of getting through the beautiful process. 

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