When it comes to annual vacations, it’s time to pack our bags and go on a trip. Months in advance, we scour Internet platforms, compare prices, book flights and click through rating portals. But we are happy to put up with this effort and look forward to gathering new impressions in faraway countries, leaving our everyday lives behind us and relaxing completely. Once we arrive at the airport, however, the final challenge awaits us: where do I park my car cheaply and safely?

What is On-site airport parking?

If you don’t have to watch every penny you spend, want to pick a parking space close to your terminal, park there and be at your destination in almost no time at all, on-site airport parking is the right choice for you on your trip. It is much more comfortable to just choose on-site parking like Newark long term parking instead of looking for the cheapest option and the best service. Onsite airport parking spaces are a great option if you’re in a hurry or traveling with companions. In turn, this comfort comes with a higher price and less availability. Parking spaces can be hard to get in high-traffic times, which also makes navigating to and from the parking lots time-consuming and annoying.  But if you book one well in advance you can even get some great deals.

Pros & Cons of On-site airport parking

If you consider on-site airport parking, you should be aware of both, pros and cons. 

Pros of on-site airport parking

  • Comfort
  • Long-term parking
  • Safety


Even though your terminal is a very short walk or an elevator ride away, you should always take some waiting time into account since on-site airport parking lots are usually cramped. A great option if you’re running late is using valet parking services, which are always offered. While you are already on your way to be checked in and get to your flight, an experienced driver takes your car to its designated spot. What’s more, on-site parking lots also offer disability parking. Besides, it’s much more comfortable to maneuver strollers and carry baby carriers over a short distance, considering that you will also have luggage to trolley through to the terminal – especially when you’re traveling with small children.

Long-term parking

On-site parking lots are typically located in the basements within the airport. Of course, this convenience of location and time will be a bit more expensive compared to off-site parking. But on-site parking lots also offer deals on the duration of the stay, especially when you use long-term parking options. Besides special parking space for Business or Executive travelers, they’ve got some discounted airport parking rates and even offer complimentary services.


An enclosed space is definitely safer than an open one. On-site parking spaces are usually equipped with surveillance cameras, floodlights, and hired security personnel. Furthermore, supervisors take monitoring the parking space and insurance records very seriously.

Cons of on-site airport parking

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Traffic


On-site airport parking is usually the most expensive airport parking option. Parking conveniently in proximity to the terminals costs one or two pennies more.


On a very busy and hectic day, securing a spot can cause extra stress in an already tense situation. It’s always advisable to check availability of parking spaces beforehand.


Since on-site airport parking lots are located right at the airport, you will be in the middle of high-volume traffic: buses, drop-offs, pick-ups, etc. Therefore, it’s a necessity to budget in some extra time.

What does Off-site airport parking mean?

If you are looking for the lowest possible price, the cheapest airport parking options are normally off-airport, open air car parks. These are lots that are not affiliated with the airport and are usually a short drive away from the airport. The general rule being: the farther away from the airport, the cheaper it gets. 

Pros & Cons of Off-Site Airport Parking

Pros of off-Site Airport Parking

  • saving money
  • reservation of parking spot
  • personal assistance
  • shuttle and valet service

Saving money

Off-site parking is cheaper than normal airport parking. As the airport has to offer many parking spots within a relatively small area, prices are high, whereas independent companies that own land off-site can charge you less.

Reservation of parking spot

You can easily find the best parking spots on online portals. Some off-site parking providers even have customized mobile apps. 

Personal assistance

If you are not sure where your terminal is or if you have any problem with your heavy luggage, you get personal assistance right on the spot. There is going to be no extra charge for any of it.

Shuttle and valet service

The valet service that you get with off-site parking is led by parking staff who take care of your car and give you a lift to the airport. In addition, parking providers offer park and ride 

Cons of off-Site Airport Parking

  • Open air
  • Distance
  • Space

Open air

One of the biggest negatives associated with an off-site airport parking option is that it requires you to leave your car parked outside the airport and not on it. 


Off-site airport parking locations are typically at quite a distance from the airport. Some travelers might find it inconvenient if they have to travel from the off-site parking lot to the airport.


In case you haven’t booked a spot in advance, it might be difficult to find one unless you keep driving around a couple of times. 

Conclusion – Off-site airport parking or on-site airport parking?

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one depends on what is more important to you: convenience and proximity to the airport or saving money.