Even after years, a wedding ring remains near to your heart. Yes, it has pleasant memories and a lot of affection. It is one of your most treasured possessions. Do you want to enhance your wedding ring to meet your needs and expectations? If this is the case, you have made a wise decision. 

There are many new designs accessible on the market for you to choose. And the great thing is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to upgrade your wedding band. With a little tweaking and a new stone, you can turn your old wedding band into a new one.

How you can upgrade your wedding band depends on the design of your ring. Here are six unique ideas to upgrade your wedding ring to make it look more modern and attractive:

1. Change Or Upgrade Your Center Stone 

Do you want to modify the center stone in your ring? Otherwise, would you want to restore the wedding rings’ originality or earlier look with another high-quality stone? If yes, you will have to consider how the new stone will look when set in the ring.

When you choose a large stone for your ring, it increases the brilliance of the ring even more. In addition, the ring’s radiance is enhanced. When you upgrade, though, you must be cautious regarding the cut and clarity of your wedding ring. 

Why? The cut in the ring is the most important aspect of light reflection. Thus, the cut component of the gemstone should be brilliant for the ring’s sparkling element to be powerful. For example, make sure you know the difference between true hearts vs ideal cut diamonds before changing your center stone. 

Last but not least: make sure to check the clarity of the gemstone. 

2. Adding Halo Of Diamonds

Do you want to see your wedding ring in a different light? If so, you can surround the central stone of your wedding ring with a halo of diamonds. The diamond halo setting greatly enhances the attractiveness of your ring, delivering a wow effect. The addition of a halo diamond around your wedding ring improves its appearance by increasing the size of the center stone.

Have you been happy with the addition of halo diamonds? If not, you can add two to enhance its sparkling personality even more. Your ring’s appearance has changed dramatically after adding two. You may save money by adding halo diamonds instead of replacing them, which is more expensive.

3. Infuse Colored Gemstones Into The Setting

Consider incorporating colorful gemstones into the setting of your wedding ring. Yes, it is another tried-and-true method for meeting your demands and expectations. Do you prefer to adorn the center stone with a little bling? If so, colorful gemstones will serve your needs. It is a fantastic way for giving your wedding ring a fresh look.

Choosing a gemstone with high value and appeal is essential for giving your wedding band a traditional appearance. You can select whatever color you like for a unique appearance in your wedding band. Colors such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds make a significant impact on the appearance of your ring.

4. Adding Accent Stones To Your Center Diamond

Do you wish to give your wedding band a fresh appearance and a traditional style? If this is the case, you might consider updating your wedding ring by adding side stones to your existing ring. This allows you to maintain your wedding ring looking new and attractive at all times. Sometimes the center stone does not need to be completely replaced because it is attached to the couple’s ring. So, add side stones on either side of the center stone of the rings.

Choosing medium or small-sized diamonds to include in your wedding ring is a fantastic choice. Check the compatibility of the new stone with the center stone; if not, the outcomes will be poor. 

5. A Peg Setting In Your Ring

Do you want to improve your wedding ring with a peg setting? If so, you have the option of using four or six prongs to secure the diamond in the center. This is an excellent option for enhancing the ring you already have. Choosing a bigger stone in the ring during the peg setting procedure is a great way to improve your rings’ appearance than your wish.

The peg setting secures the diamond, and altering the peg setting is an option if desired. An alternative peg setting with a large diamond in the ring is another option that you might order from the jeweler.

6. Change The Setting

Adding some flair to your ring’s main stone is a fantastic option. If you are unhappy with the present setting style of your wedding ring, you may call exceptional jewelry specialists to adjust the design to your liking with a few changes. Changing the setting on your ring is a good idea nowadays. Yes, the new setting enhances the beauty of your wedding band.

With a fresh design, a competent jeweler or another ring specialist may add further attractiveness to your goods. The new design gives your ring a more utilitarian and modern appearance. You may even alter the metal of the rings to keep up with the newest fashion. What possibilities are accessible to you in the market? Options such as white gold rose gold, and platinum is available according to your needs. These alternatives completely alter the look of your wedding band.

Final Words

These were some unique ideas for improving your wedding ring to your liking. Hopefully, they will inspire you to make your ring stand out!