Sustainability is vital for the survival of the world and we all need to do our part. The good news is there are many things we can do across all areas of our lives, including the way that we run our homes. Read on to find out more. 



Windows tend to be one of the pressure points when it comes to making your home a more sustainable place. This is because windows and their frames are more vulnerable to air movement, and as the air moves, it takes the heat or cools you have paid money and used energy to achieve with it. 

Of course, that means, anything you can do to stop this heat (or cool air) loss will make sure your rooms stay at a more constant temperature, and that you use less energy. With that in mind, investing in double glazing is a smart idea. 

However, it is best to stay away from UPVC windows if you are looking to make your home more sustainable. This is because they contain, and over time release toxic compounds that pollute the environment. Instead, opting for well made wooden frames, sourced from sustainable forests is the best course of action. 

Solar-powered generator 

Many people like to keep a generator around, for camping, or in case the grid goes down so they can continue to keep the basics in the home running such as washing machines and refrigerators. 

The good news is that it is now possible to choose a more eco-friendly generator option. Indeed, with ​​items like this best portable generator for home, you get solar panels that you can attach. You can then use these to generate renewable clean energy to make use of in your home. 

Thick curtains 

Blinds can indeed look great in some homes, but they don’t tend to be the best option for keeping a room at a constant temperature. Of course, if the air is escaping past the blinds and through the window fittings all the time, you will have to use more energy to keep your room at the desired temperature. 

However, by using a thick, lined curtain instead you can ensure that less air escapes and so that the sir temperature stays more constant. The great news is that this works concerning warm air in the winter, and cool air in the summer, so no matter what time of year using insulated curtains will cut your energy usage and make your home more comfortable at the same time. 

Low flow showerhead 

Showers are such a pleasure and should be something that we appreciate for sure. However, too long under the shower, can result in a huge amount of water being used. Of course, water is a resource that needs to be preserved because of the vast amounts of energy used to process it. 

With that in mind, limiting showers to around 7 minutes is the best approach. You may also like to try a low flow showerhead, which aerates the water, meaning less volume is used each time you shower saving energy and money on your household bills, too.