Being a mother has always been difficult. Today, the challenges are different and perhaps more intense than ever. Every mom needs to help their children navigate life in a pandemic, and juggling career responsibilities alongside this can be exhausting and feel impossible.

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Mothers always look for ways to promote comfort and wellness for their families, which is why they need to take some time for self-care, too. Here are a few tips that may improve how you feel.

1. Medical Cannabis

More patients than ever are using medical cannabis to treat a wide range of conditions, from cancer patients lessening the effects of chemo to people looking for relief from anxiety and more. Speak to your healthcare practitioner or the cannabis-trained pharmacists at Medical Cannabis by Shoppers to learn more about how this plant can make you feel better.

They’ll take their expert knowledge of human health and cannabis cultivars and products to give you a comprehensive and holistic assessment based on your overall condition. You can easily access medical cannabis, even if it isn’t available over the counter.

You just need to submit a medical document authorized by a healthcare practitioner then connect with a pharmacy online to receive your supply. They can answer any questions you may have about the process and, of course, about the plant and your overall health.

2. Carve Out a Joyous Daily Routine

It feels like moms never have a second off most days. However, if you look hard enough, you probably have at least a few minutes to yourself. 

Many people are finding solace, entertainment, and even meaning by playing games like Wordle and sharing their scores online with friends. The word game itself is fun. Having a little daily ritual to look forward to has meant more than just a game. It’s provided a lot of light for a lot of people. 

Find a little game or indulgence you can take up quickly every day and stick to it.

3. Stay Connected

Mothers have been surrounded by family after months of staying shut-in, which has strengthened bonds in innumerable, indescribable ways. It’s also natural to yearn for conversations outside of the immediate family.

Don’t be shy about connecting with good friends and even old acquaintances who you haven’t spoken to in a while. They’ll probably love to hear from you! The pandemic has diminished the opportunity for good friends to spend time, but it’s also caused people to forego spontaneous meetings with the secondary people in our lives, who we know and like but aren’t in our inner circle.

Reach out to people from a cross-section of your life, by phone or email or however you feel comfortable. You’ll feel better.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that people need to come together to support each other and ourselves. Mothers do yeoman’s work for their families, which is wonderful! But don’t forget to spare some time and energy to look after yourself, too.