Packing items when relocating from one house to another is not easy. You need to get the right boxes, hire professionals, and make sure you pack your items properly. When packing your belongings, you need to pack fragile items such as decorations.

Decorations are valuable things in your home or office. They are precious because they remind you of an event, make your house look beautiful, and bring warmth into a room. So, when moving them, you need to make sure they are well packed. 

carton boxes and stacked books on table

Apart from packing them well, you need to ensure they are handled and moved with care. Therefore, it is crucial to hire commercial movers to help you pack and move valuable items such as decorations. 

A professional moving company has the skills and experience to pack and move decorations, mirrors, and pieces of jewelry, safes, and other valuable items. However, studying more about the companies is essential to ensure you hire a reliable one. 

Below are eight steps to consider when packing decorations

1. Categorize your decorations

The first step is to sort out your decorations. Remember, you cannot pack all of them the same way. You may have small beautifications and big ones. Therefore, you need to sort them out before getting the packing materials. 

In addition, there are some decorations you do not need in the new home. Some are broken, others are old, while others bring bad memories. Happily, you can sell decorations that you do not need. If they are in good condition, selling them is a better option. 

You can also choose to donate some to friends, organizations, relatives, or anywhere you want. By getting rid of things you do not need, you will save time and cost. You will not purchase any packing materials, which will save you packing costs. 

2. Purchase the right packing materials

Before you pack your decorations when relocating, the next step to consider is to buy the right packing materials. You need to understand that fragile items like decorations are not packed like other items. 

You need to ensure you have all the needed materials for packing. Moreover, make sure you get suitable sizes and shapes for all the decorations. Happily, there are many places where you can find quality and suitable packing supplies. You can search online or visit a moving company. 

But when you hire a professional moving company such as NYC movers, they will come with the right supplies. Since it is a professional company, they have the best packing supplies for your decorations. 

But if you have the original packing, that is the best one to use. The original box will ensure your beautification is protected when moving. Nevertheless, if you cannot find the original box, many boxes are designed to pack items such as decorations. 

3. Categorize the decorations with the right boxes

Now you need to categorize your decorations with the right packing boxes. You cannot pack all your decorations in the same box. Have boxes for the small ones and boxes for the large decorations. 

Also, some decorations are more valuable than others. This means they need special care and unique packing materials. For example, if you are moving your office, you may have general decorations and exceptional achievements. Hence, you need to have separate packing boxes for all the beautifications. 

5. Always protect the face of the decoration

If your decorations have a face, they should be well protected. If you do not protect it, it may be damaged when moving. Therefore, get suitable wrapping materials and make sure you wrap them properly. 

6. Wrap your decorations with bubble wrap

One of the best packing materials that will ensure your decorations are well packed and protected when moving is bubble wrap. It is a packing material that has been designed to protect items when moving. 

Bubble wraps are made to protect valuable items such as decorations, electronics, and many others. Therefore, avoid using other materials such as newspapers when packing your decorations. 

Once you have wrapped them with bubble wrap, use packing tape to wrap around. By doing this, you will be sure your item is enfolded and intact when moving. 

7. Seal the box properly

After packing the decoration and confirming the item is not moving inside the box, seal the box. Seal all the openings with packing tape. When the box is well sealed, you can be guaranteed there will be no damages when relocating. 

8. Label the box clearly

Since the box contains fragile items, it is essential to label them clearly. This will make sure anyone who handles the box handles it with care. Movers or any person moving the box will see it contain valuable items. 

Final Word

Packing valuable items such as decorations is a process that requires skills and special attention. If you have never packed fragile items before, the best option is to engage professional movers. These are experts who have the needed skills and materials for the job.