When the weather gets warmer, the world celebrates all things fun and sun, and what could be better than sharing a great meal with family and friends?

You’ll find fine eateries in this dynamic country, whether you’re looking for a casual al fresco restaurant with outstanding service, a relaxed patio serving snacks and drinks, or a picnic under the shade. 

So, to give you the best places in every state, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to enjoy outdoor dining in the U.S.

Across the country, the best places to eat outdoors can be found from Chicago to Miami, New York to Los Angeles, Houston to Hawaii, and more. So, let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Malibu Farm Restaurant and Bar

Who wouldn’t fancy eating in an airy space? The patio seats at Malibu Farm Restaurant & Bar are a hot commodity. Enjoy simple, fresh food, such as grilled salmon kale Niçoise salad or mustard lemon roast chicken, while gazing over the pristine ocean.

  1. Le Bilboquet – Atlanta

Providing a taste of Paris in the center of Buckhead Village, Le Bilboquet offers French bistro fare and sophisticated drinks in a vibrant atmosphere. With its high-quality ingredients, like High West double rye, raspberry shrub, ginger liqueur, and orgeat, the restaurant’s Raspberry Beret cocktail is perfect for savoring on the patio this summer. 

Combine the delicious de-shelled Maine lobster whole a la plancha with almond arugula pesto linguine, beurre blanc, and cherry heirloom tomato to enjoy a wholesome meal.

  1. The Park Grill

Take in the mesmerizing views of the Smoky Mountains by dining at the Park Grill, one of the most scenic restaurants in Gatlinburg TN, for a fantastic experience dining in the rustic mountain lodge. 

Near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s entrance, this is considered the unofficial restaurant of the park. 

The Park Grill draws inspiration from the Smoky Mountains, from its food to its building. A unique dining experience awaits you at Park Grill while visiting the Smoky Mountains.

  1. Contigo: Austin

There is plenty of outdoor seating and a large dining area with glass garage doors that can be opened up. It’s hard to tell where the indoors end and the outdoors begin at Contigo. 

In addition to serving up steak fries, burgers, and chips and cheese, the restaurant recreates the ranch atmosphere of its sibling in Jim Wells County.

  1. Herron Park in Aspen

Looking for a picnic spot where the whole family can enjoy? You can find a park in the eastern part of town where the Roaring Fork River is free to flow. 

In this park, children can enjoy two swing sets, one with traditional rubber “U” seats and another with bucket seats perfect for toddlers. 

The Herron Park in Aspen is the perfect spot to spend a fun day with your entire family. There are also picnic tables and benches for picnics and gatherings in the park and a giant playset. 

Runners, cyclists, and walkers often use it to access the Rio Grande Trail.

  1. Casamia – Dallas

You’ve never had it so easy to impress your guests. Casamia, one of the outdoor restaurants in downtown Dallas, offers a wide selection of curated boxes filled with everything you need to throw an impressive garden party or picnic, such as melamine plates, crystal glasses, delicate cloth napkins, and even planters to enhance your decor.

It’s also possible to personalize the tablespace materials and add themes to make them more appropriate for the occasion.

  1. Lehua Lounge – Hawaii

With its name derived from a delicate flower, this posh outdoor lounge at the swanky Andaz Resort is a mecca for locals from all over Maui to relax and enjoy live entertainment. 

Aside from the stunning views of Mokapu Beach, guests can take in the vivid scenery of crystal-clear waterfalls nestled among the poolside setting. 

Returning to the fire pit at night, enjoy the Kona Squall, a smooth blend of rye whiskey, orgeat, aged rum, and mole bitters.

  1. Phoenicia Specialty Foods – Houston

Everyone who loves food is invited! Find the perfect assortment for your next picnic by browsing international products (a cheese lover’s holy grail), savoring pastries and desserts, or picking the best picks from our cheese, bread, and pasta sections. 

The company’s to-go style platters are ideal for any occasion. Its specialty boxes (over 20 varieties to choose from) can be filled with Mediterranean delicacies like shawarma and falafel pita wraps or salads and even breakfasts. 

Get to know the to-go finger foods, sides, entrees, and main dishes on the menu. You can order curbside, have it delivered, or take it out.

  1. Setaara, Atlantic City

Atlantic City’s most exciting restaurant is Setaara, which describes itself as “the first Afghani and French fusion restaurant globally.” 

It is undoubtedly an impressive eatery. The menu contrasts classic French dishes with Afghan specialties like mantu, which happens to be a steamed dumpling filled with beef and served with yogurt sauce. 

Inside the courtyard, outdoor seating is surrounded by plants, flowers, and vibrant colors. The Philly Inquirer said it was one of the best outdoor dining spots in the area.

  1. MILA – Miami

The delectable menu at MILA’s rooftop makes for a fun and delicious dining experience. Izakaya-style dishes like wagyu gyoza spiced with shawarma and glazed chicken satay are served in this South Beach restaurant. 

There’s also a great brunch on Sunday, with dancers and good vibes, and a sweet and savory five-course menu featuring appetizers, egg dishes, robata, a signature entree, and dessert. Everything is not only picture-perfect, but the food tastes delicious too!

  1. The Cira Green in Philadelphia

Cira Green is unique among Philadelphia’s destinations, thanks to its year-round accessibility. In University City, this massive elevated park in the sky offers a year-round escape for city-dwellers. 

So, whether you’re at the Sunset Social for a burger or taking in a movie on the big screen, the people-watching is just as enjoyable as the spectacular downtown views.

Final Words

The U.S is a dynamic and versatile country, and just like it, the restaurants and eateries present in the country are equally unique. 

So, if you’re looking forward to enjoying a fun-filled happy meal with your loved ones, we hope that the places recommended above helped you make the best decision.