Did you know 28.8 million Americans suffer from eating disorders in their lifetime? It generally begins in childhood and continues even after puberty, if not treated on time. According to statistics, its cause is the fear of becoming fat or body insecurity in kids. Nearly 42% of the girls in taxes (grade 1st to 3rd) want to be thinner. 46% of 9 to 11-year-old kids stated that they dieted more often. 

Needless to say, not eating well or starving oneself affect the body to a great extent. It hinders physical and mental development in kids and might lead to other issues such as anxiety and stress. Having said that, let’s learn about some early symptoms of the disorder in kids. 

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  • Weight Stagnation Or Loss

Typically, the kids gain weight as late as the early 20s due to physical growth. So, if you notice the physical growth in your child but minimal to no change in weight, especially during early adolescence, it is a red flag. Similarly, sudden weight loss is also a warning sign that you must not neglect. Interruption in weight gain, even if it’s unintentional, can trigger the disorder in vulnerable kids. In order to ensure the health of your child, you must visit the doctor and learn about the treatment plans. 

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  • Sudden Change In Food Behavior

Many people believe that disorder is limited to eating less or going on diets. But that’s not true! Any type of change in food behavior that is sudden is the warning sign, and it includes binge-eating or eating in large quantities as well. Apart from this, there are several other changes. 

For instance, kids with anorexia nervosa (a type of eating disorder) may start cutting the food into tiny pieces or suddenly become interested in vegetarianism. All these are signs that you must consult the doctor for the right treatment plan. 

  • Interest In Cooking But Not Eating

Has your kid suddenly begun to show their interest in cooking (from shopping for ingredients to trying out new recipes) but avoid eating the same? If yes, it is a matter of grave concern. Usually, kids who are malnourished do this to develop an interest to trap their cravings. They get vicarious pleasure from watching other people eat but not eating themselves. 

  • Physiological Changes

The effect of eating disorders is not restricted to behavior changes. It can also cause changes in sleeping patterns, food sensitivities, digestion issues, constant exhaustion or tiredness, irregular menstrual cycle, hungry but unable to eat, and much more. It goes without saying that it will impact kids’ emotional, mental, and physical well-being and hinder their development significantly. 


These are a few signs that you must pay attention to keep your child healthy and happy. Encourage your child to eat well and not feel insecure about their body. Also, make sure to visit or consult treatment centers as soon as you recognize the signs. The right treatment at the right time can help your child stay physically and mentally fit.