If you have been on the hunt for the perfect piece of jewelry but are still unsure, you might want to go in for custom jewelry pieces. The best jewelry designs might not appeal to you. This is the very reason custom pieces are made! However, given the hefty investment on such unique items that are customized to suit your taste, there has to be some careful consideration behind the big purchase. There is a lot of hullabaloo over custom jewelry but then a few tips from top jewellery seattle makers can actually help you purchase one without hassle.

Compare and Research well

  • Before deciding on a jewelry brand for your custom pieces, you must engage in such deep market research. Even the best of jewelry brands fail to bring out their hallmarks when it comes to designing custom pieces. 
  • The idea here is that as a buyer you must have the background research done on what brands give you quality artisanship and unique customizations at the same time. 
  • Check up for the relevant certifications too before finalizing a custom jewelry item. Select a brand that offers buyback and also have good word-of-mouth reviews besides raging reviews online!

Customization Concerns

  • A customized piece of jewelry is personalized to your liking and desire. You do not just walk into a store and buy it as you would for traditional jewelry. Therefore, you need to get creativity flowing and plan the style you want. 
  • Envision the kind of jewelry you want—in terms of style, size, category and the technical aspects. Once these parameters are sealed in your mind, you can talk to the jeweler and get a design done. From filigree to stylistic play of colors—the possibilities in designing custom jewelry are endless.

Frame a Budget

  • Make sure you have a target price in mind because it is easy to go overboard when it comes to buying custom jewelry. The pieces become costlier when compared to a non-custom piece—even if the brand is the same. This is accountable to the extra time and efforts that go in towards making a custom jewelry item. 
  • Make sure you keep your purse strings pulled up tight since it is easy to keep drooling and desiring crazy costly stuff! Get a ballpark rate first up, before going in for a final estimate.

Draw up a Timeline and Design to Show

  • You need to engage in a few detailed consultations with the jeweler before fixing the final design. There will be CAD imagery or even dummy models available for your imagination to take real shape. These consultations are essential because custom pieces are something where there is hardly space for error.
  • Discuss the after-care aspects of your custom jewelry items, with the jeweler. Ask if they offer cleanups and repairs. These need to be clear at the outset because custom jewelry doesn’t get serviced easily at regular shops.

Put things on Paper

  • Most custom jewelry makers will happily frame a small contract that states the details of the design, timeline for delivery, and after-care processes along with the cost breakup.
  • This is vital to avoid conflicts at the time of final billing. This is a deal sealer and also helps you going ahead—even if the misfortune of insurance claims arise in future. 
  • Alterations also get easier if there is an original contract stating all exact details of the custom piece.


Custom jewelries are expensive. However, they turn into heirlooms when preserved down the years. If investing in one such piece, you can only be considered lucky. Go ahead and seal the deal carefully.