You found the love of your life and proposed to them, congratulations! The next logical step after identifying the one is planning a wedding. You may have heard all the horror stories of hectic wedding planning and are scared that it will be an overwhelming experience to test your patience to the last limit. But guess what, you do not have to worry. We have created the perfect guide to help you stay on track with your wedding planning. 

Have a budget

Budgeting may be hectic, but it is the only way to make wise financial decisions. A budget will dictate how big or how glamorous your wedding can be. Be realistic when setting the budget. Have realistic expectations of what your friends and family will contribute to the wedding. Be clear on what everyone plans to contribute before creating a budget. Analyze both of your savings. Decide on what percentage of your savings you will be willing to use up for the wedding. You do not want to empty your savings for the wedding. Remember that life still has to go on after the big day. If there are some months to the wedding, you could start saving up for it. Have a wedding account where you can pool the wedding savings. When setting the wedding budget, make sure to leave room for unexpected expenses. 

Decide what you will wear

You want to look stunning on your big day. Pick an ensemble that makes you feel beautiful. You could go for the traditional white gown or choose your own unique take on the wedding dress. If you are around Atlanta and want a custom piece made just for you, you can visit Atlanta bridal shop. You will get a chance to work with designers that will bring your dream to reality. Shop around for a shoe that will match perfectly with your wedding dress.

Wedding Bride Groom Flowers

Ask for help

So many details go into planning for a wedding. You two cannot do it alone. Enlist backup support when you need it. Seek the services of a trusted wedding planner to manage the different tasks on your wedding checklist. They can help with selecting the theme, décor, and venue selection. Also, someone in the wedding business can help you figure out some crucial details that you may have left out in your planning. Do not be afraid to ask for help from friends and family. They can save the day, especially if you do not have the budget for a planner. They will be happy to help make your day successful. You could also use the plethora of resources and information available online. Download wedding planning apps and read wedding blogs to help you stay organized. 

Select your wedding party and draw out the guest list

Pick the friends and family you want to accompany you throughout the wedding. Select wedding party members you will love to have with you on your special day. You may have to mitigate sore feelings by having honest conversations with some of your friends and family that you choose not to have as your wedding party. Also, sit with your partner and build a guest list, keeping in mind your approximate wedding size. Be sure to send the invitations early enough so that your guests can plan themselves in time.

Bottom Line

No matter how thorough you may be with the planning, some things may still not go according to plan. Do not work yourself up if you do not manage to get all your ducks in a row. Have fun at your wedding and celebrate the beginning of a beautiful life with each other.