Many don’t realize that solar power’s origins go way back to the year 1839! It was a French Physicist at the time that discovered the photovoltaic effect at the time, which is what is at the core of solar power technology.

Now, fast forward to the present day and you will see how solar installation is becoming a major thing in the US. Why? Because there are more benefits of solar energy that people are starting to realize.

Let’s now take a look at five incredible financial benefits you can gain by opting for solar. 

1. Solar Panels Are Cheaper Now

You may have been considering solar power for a number of years. If so, you should be pleased to know that solar panels are becoming cheaper.

This is because manufacturers have scaled up their production due to increased demand, which lowers costs for them. Plus, new ways of solar panel production have made them cheaper to manufacture, meaning you pay less.

2. There Are Tax Incentives

The US government is offering homeowners a tax credit of 26% in 2022. Once the year is up, the tax credit will shift down to 22%.

So there are obvious financial benefits for you to go solar this year rather than wait any longer. It is unknown how long these tax incentives will last as well.

3. You’ll Improve Your Property’s Value

If at any point in the future you wish to move home, having solar panels will be a plus for you when trying to sell. Anyone house hunting will see a huge benefit in having access to the free energy that solar panels provide.

Having solar panels may give you that competitive edge in a tough property selling market too. So, it’s worth trying to learn more about how you can go solar.

4. They Pay for Themselves

The first initial investment might seem a lot when you buy solar panels. However, if you see them as a medium to long-term investment, they will end up paying for themselves.

After all, you’ll be getting free energy from the sun. And you can expect your solar panels to keep doing this for well over 20 years.

5. You Save On Energy Bills

Many people see a dramatic drop in their energy bills when they go solar. It might be that they only use the grid for periods when they need a lot of energy at one time.

Some people have even managed to meet all their energy needs with solar. So in effect, they don’t have energy bills anymore!

The Financial Benefits of Solar Energy

As you now know, the benefits of solar energy are more than just becoming more eco-friendly in your energy consumption. You have to see solar panels as an investment for a less financially limited future!

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