Pets love us unconditionally. That’s why we loved them. They trust us always to be there to take care of them, and so when they inevitably become sick, we have to step in. Usually, that means a trip to the vet and getting a medical prescription. However, sometimes a drug-free approach to pet care may be just what your beloved pet needs. This article will examine the many benefits of veterinary acupuncture and how it can significantly help your pets with pain relief, muscle movement, blood flow, and digestion. 

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Improves Blood Flow

The main benefit of acupuncture for humans or pets is improved blood flow. It works by stimulating nitric oxide in the body, which is crucial in the circulation of blood flow. The improvement of your pet’s blood flow is a crucial element in the rest of the benefits listed below. 

Pain Relief

The improved blood flow provided by the acupuncture can help your pets with pain relief. If your dog struggles with medication or you simply want to try a drug-free pain relief method, acupuncture can be the way to go. The sensation of the needle causes the brain to produce pain-relieving endorphins, and the improved blood circulation allows those endorphins to reach the center of your painful areas. 

Improve Mobility for Older Pets

Older dogs often struggle with movement as their motor functions slow down. By improving blood flow, acupuncture helps relax muscles and reduce stiffness in your pet’s muscles. This not only offers pain relief to your dogs but can increase the speed at which their muscles react to the commands from the brain. Now, this won’t make your dog run like a puppy, but it can offer some great quality of life improvements if they are struggling to handle some basic movements.

Improve Digestion 

Pets and dogs especially can suffer from a laundry list of digestive problems. It is important to study up on your pet’s breed information and common health issues that they may suffer. If you find yourself in the unfortunate issue where your pet is suffering from digestive issues ask your vet if acupuncture is an okay treatment option. As we have discussed before, acupuncture can improve the blood flow in your pet’s body, which greatly helps in reducing gastrointestinal problems. 

Veterinary Acupuncture May Be Just What Your Pet Needs

It is undoubtedly a scary time when your pet is sick. You are scared for their health, and they are terrified of the vet. The good thing is you don’t always have to rely on scary shots or drugs that knock out your pet. Acupuncture can help treat your pet’s illness while relaxing them at the same time. After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of the many benefits acupuncture can provide. And if you live in Indiana, Pennsylvania, you can visit Blais Veterinary Hospital & Clinic to book an appointment today.