If local health experts and government officials have said it’s safe to fly, you may be eager to hit the skies once again and go on a trip. The pandemic has kept people indoors for months at a time, making people only more eager to travel again. 

It’s always nice to save money where you can, but with new required purchases like PCR tests and others in the mix, shaving off a few dollars where possible will be even more welcome. Keep reading for tips savvy travelers know.

1. Drive Yourself to the Airport

For years, people took cabs because leaving your car at JFK long term parking was prohibitively expensive, and the story was the same at airports across North America. Now, a new model lets travelers save big by driving themselves to the airport and leaving their car at an adjacent parking lot.

All you need to do is make your reservation the night before via phone or the website and show it to the attendant when you arrive. After you park, board the free shuttle bus to your terminal and be sure to hold onto your receipt so you can catch the free ride back to your car on the other end of your trip.

You don’t need to have a room booked overnight at the hotel where you park. The best platforms let you cancel anytime, there are never hidden fees, and you can collect reward points to increase your savings even more. 

2. Don’t Buy What You Already Have

While packing, make a list of everything you’ll need to keep yourself occupied and comfortable on the journey. You might be able to buy a travel pillow or headphones at the airport, but it’ll cost you a pretty penny, and this stings a little more if you already own what you’re about to buy.

The airport bookstore probably won’t even have the book you need unless it’s a recent best-seller. Airport food is over-priced and often inferior to a sandwich you can make in your own kitchen. If you need something for your trip, bring it from home. 

3. Pack Sensibly

Sidestep baggage fees and the luggage carousel by bringing everything you’ll need for the trip in your carry-on bags. Plus, the airline can’t accidentally send your bags to the wrong city if they’re always with you on the plane.

You will need to check-in items that aren’t allowed in your carry-on luggage, so either check them in and eat the costs or leave it at home. If you try to bring it aboard the flight, security may confiscate it, and you may never see it again, though, if there’s time, they let you mail it back to yourself.

So long as flying is safe and you respect and abide by the conditions set out by healthcare professionals, you’ll love taking to the skies once again. Keep these tips in mind to save big, and you’ll enjoy the trip even more.