Everyone wants a farmhouse Shiplap fireplace at their homes. This is one of the best aesthetic add-ons for your home. This won’t only keep the environment warmer but would also upgrade the overall appearance of the place. If you want to renovate your house, you should always consider getting the best shiplap fireplace wall for your house. You might be having several thoughts about shiplap. This post would give you a clear and concise idea about shiplap and its benefits. 

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What Is A Farmhouse Shiplap Fireplace

A farmhouse shiplap fireplace is nothing but wood sheathing that is used for the construction of buildings and sheds. The majority of the individuals use shiplap fireplaces as the exteriors of the interior slidings. 

The completed look will provide a look of a modern shiplap fireplace which would appear to be extraordinarily beautiful and aesthetic. The joints of this fireplace would look like groove and tongue joints. Another main reason people prefer shiplap around the fireplace is because it is easy to install, and anyone could create it easily. Also, the shiplap provides numerous benefits mentioned below. 

Benefits Of A Farmhouse Shiplap Fireplace

The benefits of shiplap above the fireplace are as follows:

  • Natural Focal Point

The fireplace shiplap will be the focal point and the center of attraction. Whenever you, along with your friends and family, would gather at one place together, it would be the central attraction for everyone. You can also put a television above the fireplace, and it would instantly amp up the room’s appearance. 

  • Provides Warmth

The shiplap acts as a heater in the cold months when you face extreme snowfall. The fireplace would always warm up the whole place while providing you with the comfort you require on winter days. This is one of the most vital reasons people opt for the shiplap fireplace as it is a useful thing during unwanted situations, such as cold weather. You can also use a shiplap fireplace mantel to enhance the ambiance and look of the house. 

  • Increases The Value Of Property

Well, no one is certain about the future. Things are unpredictable. What if you want to sell your house? If you have a shiplap fireplace in your house, your property can be sold at a much higher rate. You’ll get innumerable customers who will be willing to take up the property. They can even provide 2000 dollars extra just for the shiplap fireplace and its benefits. 

  • Cost-Effective

If you possess a White or black fireplace, you’ll have to pay very low electricity bills. Be it electric or gas; a fireplace is way cheaper than a central heater. Hence, instead of depending upon a heater, you can make use of a fireplace at your home. You can easily heat your place with the shiplap fireplace, and it is also a cheaper alternative to use. The best part about the shiplap fireplace is that you don’t require gas or electricity for it. You require woods for lighting up the fireplace. 

Types Of Fireplaces

Below are the types of shiplap fireplaces that you can easily opt for. 

  • Shiplap Barn Beam

This is a rustic fireplace, and you can use barn wood to light this fireplace. However, make sure to bring the shiplap at the bottom and then light it up with a barn beam. This would give your house a 90s vibe and appearance and would amp up the aesthetics of the property while being the focal point of attraction in your house. 

  • Wood Shelf

For the implementation of this idea, you can use a wood mantel beam. It will make the ceiling appear taller than before. If you had a shelf above the fireplace, it would provide several options to decorate it and put other things over it to give it a more beautiful look. Also, if you want to decorate the shelf above, you can use photographs or paintings to decorate the shelf. 

  • Above The White Brick

This one is great if you’re looking for something ancient or something from the 70s. You can easily utilize dark wood to place it around the fireplace. You can also lighten the room by coloring the bricks, woods, and shelves in light shades such as white. This would provide your house with a luxurious and comfortable look while amping up the ambiance. 

  • Industrial Fireplace

If you are looking out for something that can balance the integrity of the space and lower the coldness of the room, then choosing an industrial fireplace would be the best option available for you. Get some finished wooden surfaces and place them nicely in accordance with the metal surfaces. This is the best fireplace option for your house. 

Final Takeaway

This was all about shiplap fireplaces, their benefits, and their variations and tips. We believe that now you will have the ability to select the best fireplace for your house. Also, while choosing a fireplace, don’t be in a hurry. Take your time! Let us know if you liked the article. Our team will get back to you in case of any queries.