There may come a point in your relationship where you think that there is an air of inevitability that you are going to part ways for good. That might be as a result of key differences between each other that have surfaced or regular arguments that become heated exchanges all too quickly.

When matters go beyond a certain point you will most likely be talking to some family lawyers for guidance on how to make the best of a very difficult scenario.

One thing is for certain. There is a right way and a wrong way of resolving a conflict. Here are some pointers on how to try and find a resolution in the calmest and fairest way possible.

Avoid crossing that line

Everyone has limits when it comes to tolerance and there are usually clear boundaries in a relationship that are built upon the trust and respect that was created as you got to know each other.

If you feel that your argument is going to cross that line and descend into swearing or name-calling, it would be far better to say that it would be better to continue the argument at a later point when you have had time to reflect further on the situation.

Get to the heart of the matter

As we all know, people can be very complex and it can often be the case that what you are arguing about is not actually the real issue of what is really bothering your partner.

It is often the case that arguments develop when one person does not feel they are getting the respect they deserve or their needs are not being met. Not everyone is able to come out and say directly what it is that is really troubling them.

Try to establish what the root cause of the problem is. Once you get to the heart of the matter you will understand more why so many seemingly trivial disagreements are happening between you.

Not every problem has the perfect solution

The bottom line is that you may well have different viewpoints on a certain subject and no amount of arguing is going to change your mindset.

A good strategy to avoid regular conflict is to try and take the approach that sometimes you may well have to agree to disagree.

Ultimately, if you can’t find a way to let the matter lie, that may prove to be a warning sign that your relationship has definite compatibility issues.

Many successful personal relationships are built on the foundation of agreeing to disagree at certain times so that conflict and bad feelings are kept to a minimum.

Try to find the middle ground

Some people are definitely better at compromising than others. It should be remembered that the art of compromise is a fundamental cornerstone of any successful relationship.

If you can find a way to share the responsibility for making decision and allow your partner to make some of the decisions, while you make your fair share of the others, that could prove to be an excellent way of avoiding or resolving a potential conflict.

The breakdown of a relationship is not always inevitable if there is conflict. However, it does require both parties to work at finding a way to move forward. 

Some of these suggested strategies might help you to achieve that aim.