Dogs are a great source of company, relaxation, and exercise. As loving pet owners, we always want our dogs to be comfortable, healthy, and happy. Ensure that your dog is well-fed and comfortable while keeping the home neat and stylish, by making the switch to elevated dog bowls. 

If you’ve already heard about this trendy new home decor, you’re probably wondering if there’s one suitable for your large doggo or tiny fur baby. Well, the answer is yes.

Let’s look at a few sizes and design options for elevated dog bowls.

Size of Elevated Dog Bowls

  • Small Dogs

For dogs weighing less than 20 pounds, you should opt for a raised dog bowl stand of 4 inches or 6 inches. Small and medium-sized elevated dog bowls are perfect for toy dogs like teacup poodles and malteses.

  • Medium Dogs

For dogs weighing between 21 and 50 pounds, you should opt for a 10-inch raised bowl stand. The bowls are appropriately sized, with the larger ones being 6 inches deep to allow easy access for dogs like beagles and English bulldogs. 

  • Large Dogs

For dogs weighing between 51 and 99 pounds, you could go with a 12-inch raised dog bowl stand or a 15-inch raised dog bowl stand, depending on how big your dog is. The bowls are perfectly sized, with the larger ones being 8 inches deep to allow easy access for huge dogs like Goldendoodles and rottweilers.

Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

For one, these unique dog bowls raise the food off the floor, making it easier for dogs to eat without having to bend down too far and potentially cause strain to their neck or other joints. They’ll keep your floors clean and your home stylish, as they also come in different colors and designs. Keep reading to learn about other cool benefits.

  • Convenience and Flexibility

Elevated dog bowls come in different sizes, thus giving you the flexibility and convenience of serving any size and age of your dogs. These elevated dog bowls are usually made of stainless steel, making them durable and built to last. The different elevated dog sizes also make it easier to suit different sizes and types of dogs simultaneously.

  • They Come in An Array of Designs

Elevated dog bowls come in various styles, allowing you to choose the best fit for your personality or home decor. You can choose from simple stainless steel models or go for something with more elaborate designs. These dog bowls can help keep your home clean and tidy while feeding your pet at the same time.

Pick a Size that Suits Your Needs

The elevated dog bowl comes in different sizes and allows you to feed any size or breed of dog with ease. To ensure you are getting the right size elevated dog bowls for your pet, do some research on the different dog bowls available. You can determine how much food each bowl can hold by looking at the description online or asking a salesperson.