Are you looking to eliminate that annoying abdominal fat from your body? Do not stop doing weight loss exercises along with this diet to achieve your goals. Previously we have talked about specific diets for women who want to perform exercise routines with the sole purpose of losing those extra kilos, today we want to focus on men who want to stylize the figure, taking into account that the fat in both Sexes do not accumulate in the same way.

Genetically it is proven that men have a greater tendency to accumulate fat above the waist, specifically in the abdominal area, unlike women who accumulate on the hips or thighs. For this reason, we want to give you some advice endorsed by nutrition professionals that you can apply to maintain a healthy weight, strict diets to lose weight in 7 days are a thing of the past. The best thing you can do is receive professional advice to find out which nutrients and foods are ideal for you.

How to lose weight in a week fast?

Accumulating fat can bring diseases such as suffering from heart problems and type 2 diabetes, and if factors such as lack of sports training and poor digestive habits are added, it can result in a general deterioration of health. Due to the interest in health as well as the aesthetic aspect, recipes have become popular to lose weight in 7 days in which although a change may be evident, it is likely that it will not be maintained over time causing the dreaded rebound effect.

That is why it is so important to make nutritional changes along with routines that detoxify the body, eliminate excess fat, provide new air, another sense of self-esteem and a proven improvement in the quality of life. Exercise and interest in your own well-being should not be seen as a beauty requirement but rather as the perfect opportunity to regain energy, have a better attitude and face challenges from another perspective.

It is also important to banish those myths that claim that there are miraculous and restrictive diets that make you lose weight in a two-for-three. Believing these ideas is dangerous because you may not be giving your body the calories it requires to function. In this sense, get the words out of your head immediately and quickly because although it is possible to have changes in a short time, if you are looking for long-term results you will have to modify your habits and the routines of your daily life.

How to lose weight in just 7 days?

In the previous section we told you that it is necessary to be clear about your objectives, since that is the starting point that will allow you to understand what failures you are making over and over again and what changes you can implement from the beginning to achieve your goal. With a restrictive diet you can achieve this purpose, especially if it is one focused on eliminating the so-called bad cholesterol (LDL) that is present in saturated fats.

But that is not the only advice that you can put into practice, they will also bring great benefits for you if you several any of these negative habits:

1. Say no to bread: by removing excess carbohydrates and accompanying them with functional training, we will feel more energetic. Of course, carbohydrates are necessary, but in moderation and without putting exercise aside.

2. Yes to protein: all animal protein is welcome because it contains the eight essential amino acids for the well-being of the body, eggs and sources of vitamins B and D are also allowed. They are ideal to complement your physical training as they help you to build muscle while losing fat. Eggs are affordable sources of these nutrients and it is very convenient as you can just boil them using soft boiled egg maker, the ones from Eggbath are of good quality. 

3. Eat every four hours: although it may seem like a lot, the truth is that when you are not hungry, you are not tempted to eat the wrong foods. What we mean is that you eat smaller volumes and when considering a snack, opt for the healthiest ones such as nuts, cereal bars, legumes and fruits.

4. Dairy products welcome: we clarify, they are valid only in their natural form, that is to say, never sugary, yes, stay away from ice creams as they contain a lot of sugar.

5. Eat fish: we recommend two servings a week to avoid turning it into bad cholesterol.

6. Power salads: along with routines there is nothing better than assorted salads to eat as a single dish and not as a side. Those with tuna, chicken and turkey are highly recommended, without forgetting those with nuts or cheese.

7. Lots of water: the saying to drink two liters of water a day, especially in the afternoon, is not a lie. Drinking water guarantees a feeling of satiety and helps you distract your body from other harmful foods.

8. Seek advice: you may think that a week is too little time to make an investment of this magnitude but, believe us, it is not wasted money. A general medical check-up can be essential to understand if there are any conditions in your body that prevent you from losing weight.

For example, a study from the University of Washington found that obese people who accumulate abdominal fat may have the presence of a bacterium called Firmicutes which causes the body to absorb more calories through food. In this sense, if you do not know what limitations your body has, proposals such as this diet will not be useful and, on the contrary, could increase the risks to your health.

What is the 7 day diet?

In summary, if you have wondered how to lose belly or lose abdominal fat in a short time? We present you a crash diet that will take care of completely eliminating refined carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol while maintaining an adequate number of calories, focusing on the consumption of animal protein and regular physical exercise .

Taking some data from the British nutritionist Vicki Edgson, we elaborated this diet, which can vary according to the person, therefore, it is important to seek advice from our nutritionists so as not to put your health at risk. In addition, you must remember that it is essential not to neglect the activities that allow you to stay active, which must be carried out together with a personal trainer to maintain your physical condition and prevent injuries.

Day 1

• Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with two handfuls of spinach, 1 apple, a tea or mate.

• Lunch: a box of sashimi or a salad with hummus and an apple.

• Dinner: a 225g grilled steak, with garlic or ginger, accompanied by sauteed vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, spinach).

Day 2

• Breakfast: a parfait with unsweetened Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and a tea.

• Lunch: a grilled chicken breast, accompanied by sautéed vegetables or a vegetable salad and a pear.

• Dinner: 115 grams of sliced ​​ham or turkey, accompanied by two handfuls of cabbage, paprika and steamed garlic or the pan.

Day 3

• Breakfast: a bowl of quinoa with cinnamon, berries and tea.

• Lunch: tomato salad, onion, black olives and an apple.

• Dinner: 170 g of pan-fried salmon, with onion, tomato, pepper and cumin.

Day 4

• Breakfast: avocado toast with tomato and lemon. A salad, green tea, and an apple.

• Lunch: 450 or 500 g of pumpkin cream, with two tablespoons of quinoa and green tea.

• Dinner: 115 grams of sliced ​​ham or turkey, accompanied by two handfuls of cabbage, paprika and garlic, steamed or skillet.

Day 5

• Breakfast: 2 roasted apples, with anise, cinnamon, nutmeg and four tablespoons of Greek yogurt. Green tea or coffee.

• Lunch: 115 grams of lean pork, with salad and 1 apple.

• Dinner: 115 grams of sliced ​​ham or turkey, accompanied by two handfuls of cabbage, paprika and garlic, steamed or skillet

Day 6

• Breakfast: 2 poached eggs with two handfuls of spinach, nutmeg and pepper. 1 apple and a green tea.

• Lunch: 115 g of veal or 1 breast, accompanied by a salad with legumes or hummus and 1 apple.

• Dinner: 3 grilled lamb chops (without the fat) with a mince of parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme and oil, accompanied by two handfuls of green beans or peas, 1 apple and green tea.

Day 7

• Breakfast: grilled mushrooms, with garlic and onion, chopped tomato, a hard-boiled egg, 1 apple and green tea.

• Lunch: a beef burger, without bread, but with lettuce, tomato and pickle, accompanied by a green salad and green tea.

• Dinner: 115 grams of sliced ​​ham or turkey, accompanied by two handfuls of cabbage, paprika and garlic, steamed or skillet.

Consult your doctor before following this diet. If you see adverse reactions or health problems, go directly to a professional. If you have doubts, don’t wait to go to Hard Body , our team of professionals will be happy to help you

Consistency and dedication in your diet are essential to achieve the best results, but you cannot forget to incorporate a guided sports training into your routine to increase your strength, your energy and reduce calorie consumption. In this sense, it is not only about including exercises to lose weight but you should try to integrate the 9,000 daily steps into your day to day, walk instead of using public transport, listen to music while climbing stairs or even choose means that They allow you to move around in addition to staying awake, like the bicycle.

It is very easy to have the body you want and have a flatter stomach in no time. You just have to be clear about your plan, focus on the results you want to see and be disciplined. Go ahead! Start right now, say goodbye to excuses with Hard Body, ask us about our plans and change the way you go to the gym