The majority of mothers who stay at home with their kids is the problem of losing themselves and their own interests. Having spent the last several years taking care of kids and making sure that they are comfortable, safe, and healthy, no wonder there is no time for hobbies and a socially active life. And when you finally get an assistant (a nanny, husband, or a mother) to babysit your kids, it turns out that you do not know what to do. We have collected some ideas. Probably, some of them will inspire you.

Option 1 – Relaxation at Home

Do you remember when was the last time you were alone at home? Probably, the best way to spend free time without kids is having a bath, applying lotion, switching on pleasant music, opening, or switching on a favorite film. Just do whatever you have always wanted to but couldn’t since so much time is devoted to chores and kids.

Option 2 – Going out with a Friend

If you can coordinate a get together, it is good to meet with colleague from work, friend, your sister, etc. It is good to talk about the challenges of motherhood – but to also talk about other things. Otherwise, this time will resemble your regular daytime talks with other parents on the playground.

Option 3 – A Romantic Dinner with Your Husband

If it is not your husband who takes care of the kids, suggest spending a romantic night together. It would be best if you try to leave all the routine matters at home and spend this time as a couple, not as parents. For this, it will be necessary to create a special romantic atmosphere. Therefore, such a date requires thorough preparation from both of you. If you have time, have a game night afterwards, with regular or games for couples.

Option 4 – Sleep

Even though it sounds boring, the matter of sleep deprivation is known to every parent of a newborn or infant. If you are tired, there is no need to prove to the world that you are fun and interesting. There will be time for this. Get yourself comfortable, drink some tea, and fall asleep making sure that someone will pick up the phone instead of you if a nanny calls.

Option 5 – Devoting Time to Your Hobby

If you like painting or playing a musical instrument, why not spend a free evening devoted to this activity? You might even attend a master-class to increase your skills. Everything depends on the specifics of your hobby. But you have understood the idea.

Finally, Have Fun!

Being a mother means sacrificing some of your interests and your free time to take care of kids. Yes, this is emotionally rewarding, however, spending time on your own or with people other than your family is really useful. So, do not neglect the possibility of entertainment when you have a kid-free evening.