Dubai needs no special introduction. Every person on the planet has heard about the unique features of the city, its futuristic architecture, and its special connection with technology. For 6 months, an exhibition will be held in Dubai, which attracts the attention of residents of the entire planet. It would be a big mistake to miss the opportunity to visit Dubai during the exhibition, where you can get acquainted with the greatest achievements of mankind, as well as observe how harmoniously the cultures of the countries are intertwined in one place.

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In this article, we will explain why attending Expo 2020 is a must-do, as well as what awaits you at the exhibition.

Expo 2020 in Dubai

It is worth noting that the exhibition is a worldwide popular event that takes place in different countries and cities around the world. Each time during the event, the best minds of the world present their solutions to global problems, as well as present innovative technologies that are aimed at improving the world.

However, the Dubai exhibition is a special event as it is the first such exhibition to be held in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. For the first time in history, the exhibition received a legendary scale and riveted the attention of all the inhabitants of the planet.

Coming here, all guests of the country get the opportunity not only to see with their own eyes the technologies that amaze the imagination but also get the opportunity to get to know the environmental problems and ways to solve these problems.

Uniting countries to achieve one goal

For another three months, everyone will be able to get acquainted with the pavilions of different countries that take part in the exhibition. You get the opportunity to watch how about 200 countries around the world present innovative solutions and achievements that were invented in their countries.

Once in the exhibition area, you will see an endless number of pavilions that will take your breath away. The design of each pavilion characterizes each participating country, and once inside, you can see and get acquainted with representatives of different cultures who have gathered here to solve global problems.

One of the interesting challenges for you can be the game “guess the country by the design of the pavilion.” If you don’t guess, it will be a great inspiration for you to get to know different cultures and countries better.

National cuisine as a way to get to know cultures

If you think that everything at the exhibition will be devoted only to technologies and innovations, then you are deeply mistaken. Here you will find a special cultural and entertainment program, part of which is acquaintance with the national cuisines of the countries. You will get the opportunity not only to learn about the national cuisine but also to taste the dishes of each country.

Just think that in just a few days you can taste Peking duck from China, fragrant croissants from France, tacos from Mexico, burgers from America, and much more. Moreover, you can enjoy not only national dishes but also taste the dishes of famous chefs from all over the world.

A huge number of activities

In between visiting the pavilions, a rich entertainment program awaits you. Every day, representatives of different countries will acquaint Dubai guests with the national music of their country, arrange gala concerts, street, and theatrical performances. In order not to miss the event you want to attend, you will have to note the time and place of each event.

Children’s education

This exhibition will be useful and interesting not only for the older generation but also for children. Children are our future and that is why a huge number of events dedicated to introducing children to sustainable development and the creation of innovative technologies will be held here.

Interactive shows, attractions, acquaintance with nature, active pastime- this is what awaits your children here.


Expo 2020 Dubai is a landmark event for the people of the entire planet. Each visitor gets a unique opportunity to see the world of innovations and technologies aimed at solving global problems.