Going on vacation is the best feeling. You’ve worked hard all year, and it’s finally your time to kick back, relax, and get a much-needed change of scenery. While you might wait with anticipation as you start counting down the days before your vacation starts, there are always things to organize before you go – packing your luggage being one of them. Clothes, passports, toiletries, shoes, and accessories will all be easy to remember, but don’t forget to pack the following, either! 

Sun Protection

You might not be going to a vacation spot that is known for its hot weather, but it’s still important to remember to bring some sun protection with you, as UV rays can still burn your skin even when it isn’t that warm. Put SPF sunscreen in your luggage, sunglasses, and a hat if you have one. If you wear contact lenses, you can even get UV contact lenses for better eye protection.

Adapter Plug

If you’re going abroad for your vacation, make sure you pack an adapter plug. You should be able to buy these at the airport if you do forget, but without them, you’ll struggle to charge your phones and other electrical devices while you’re away. Even though limiting screen time is always a nice idea when you’re on vacation, you’ll need to use your phone to keep in touch with the rest of your group if you’re going away with other people, as well as for emergencies. 

Important Local Information

Of course, packing your boarding passes and passport is a must, but you might want to print off some important information about the area you’re staying in as well. Things like where the nearest hospital is, police station, embassy, etc., are all things you need to know. Hopefully, you’ll not have any use for them during your trip, but in case of emergencies, it’s always better to be prepared. If you’re renting a holiday home, they should include this information in their welcome packet, but you can request it if they don’t.

Holiday Reads

You might not do a lot of reading usually, but there is something incredibly relaxing about getting lost in a good book while you’re on vacation. Whether it’s a couple of novels you’ve been meaning to start, some thought-provoking non-fiction, or a few of your favorite magazines, pack some reading material to keep you entertained on the plane, train, or to enjoy with a coffee in the mornings or when you’re hanging out by the pool. If you prefer to listen to audiobooks, don’t forget to pack your headphones! 

First Aid Kit

When you’re writing your packing checklist, a first aid kit might not be the first thing to come to mind, but it is always worth having one of these with you. Your accommodation should have one on-site, but in case they don’t, it’s handy to have yours in your bag. You could also use it if you decide to go on some hikes in case anyone gets minor injuries while you’re out exploring.

If you are jetting off on your annual vacation soon, remember to pack these essentials to make sure you’re prepared for emergencies and can relax properly.