As one of the biggest streaming sites in the world, Netflix nearly embraces all shows you like. From newly released movies to popular TV series around the world, you can always find what you want here. The elaborately translated subtitles are also attractive, especially for foreign audiences. This post will guide you through an effective way to download Netflix subtitles separately and save them in SRT format.

Can You Download Netflix Subtitle from the App?

Compared with the version of Netflix on web browsers, the official Netflix app definitely provides more services and options, especially for downloading content for offline viewing. By subscribing to any Netflix plan starting from $6.99/mo., you can download Netflix shows on mobile devices such as Android phones/tablets and iPhones/iPads.

But it should be noted that although you can download Netflix videos on mobile devices, it’s impossible to extract the local files of the downloaded shows for offline viewing, let alone the subtitles. What’s more, all videos downloaded in this way will expire after your subscription ends, which means that you can’t download and save them for offline viewing.

So is there a way to download Netflix subtitle files separately and enjoy your downloaded Netflix shows permanently on any device? Is it possible to extract the subtitle files in SRT from Netflix for entertainment or learning language? Fortunately, the answer is YES.

How to Download Subtitle from Netflix?

Since Netflix doesn’t offer such a service to download subtitle files, you need a third-party tool to help do this. Not all Netflix downloaders are able to download subtitles separately. When choosing tools, it’s necessary to focus on the available functions. Here we recommend Y2Mate Netflix Downloader, a powerful and versatile downloader.

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is a powerful tool specially designed for Netflix, which can not only download videos in high quality up to 1080P and even 4K, but also help you download Netflix subtitle in various languages and save them in compatible SRT files.

Except for these basic functions, you can also enjoy batch download, fast download supported by GPU Acceleration tech, auto ads-removal and more services with Y2Mate. To achieve the best compatibility, you can also save Netflix videos in MP4 or MKV formats for offline viewing on any device, anytime.

Before you make any purchase, it’s recommended to use the free trial to download 3 of your favorite Netflix films first for free to see if Y2Mate can meet your requirements.

Steps to Use Y2Mate to Download Subtitles

Step 1 — Download and Install Y2Mate on Your Computer

Search for Y2Mate or directly navigate to the official website of Y2Mate, and choose Y2Mate Netflix Downloader from the Video Menu. Download and install the tool on your Windows PC or Mac.

Step 2 — Change the Settings

Lunch Y2Mate and click the hamburger menu at the upper right corner. Enter Settings > VIP Services > Subtitle Format > Extract to SRT File.

Step 3 — Find Netflix in “VIP Services”

Enter “VIP Services”. Find Netflix and click it to enter the official site using the safe built-in browser of Y2Mate. Login to your Netflix account and play the video you want to download.

Step 4 — Set Download Options and Download Subtitles

When you play the video, Y2Mate will automatically analyze the URL. After a few seconds, a pop-up window will show. You can set the options here, including the resolution, language and subtitle. Pick one or more languages you want to download and click on “Download Now”.


You can download Netflix subtitle and extract them into SRT files with a reliable downloader, which can be a useful skill for those who want to enhance their viewing experience or have access to subtitles for other purposes. Y2Mate provides a convenient solution for downloading subtitles in SRT format. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily extract subtitles and enjoy them offline. Remember to respect copyright laws and only use downloaded subtitles for personal use.