Blow dryer brushes are gaining such a huge following nowadays. It has become a popular hair styling gadget due to its appearance—it’s a hairdryer and round brush in one. A blow dryer brush blows hot air through a vented barrel and dries your hair as you style it. 

It should be noted that the hair dryer or hot air brush is not designed to replace the regular hair dryer. This is because the former doesn’t have enough power to completely and efficiently dry wet hair. Furthermore, hair should be dried by a blow dryer until it is about 80% dry before using the blow dryer styling brush to give it the desired finish. 

A blow dryer styling brush will not make curly hair stick-straight; it is usually used to smoothen curly hair or to give straight hair some gentle curls.

Using this styling tool also comes with a learning curve that must be mastered. But with time and practice, you’ll be able to achieve a stunning blowout look for your hair. You can also use this brush to dry hair for touchups between washings. 

A blow dry styling brush performs well if you have short or shoulder-length hair. Those with fine hair will benefit the most from a hot air brush. This type of brush delivers great volume whereas the round brush provides control and style, making your hair shiny and flowy. 

Types of Blow Dryer Styling Brushes

  1. Stationary Blow Dry Brush –this comes with a brush in a fixed position, so you simply have to roll it manually to style your hair. Some people would rather use stationary brushes over the rotating ones because they do not tangle the hair. 
  2. Rotating Blow Dry Brushes –these come with a rotating brush head, which gives hair more volume and makes one’s styling routine a lot easier. The rotating feature, however, is optional, meaning you can use the brush with or without it. 
  3. Blow Dry Brushes with the Spinning Feature –these usually catch the hair more compared to the stationary ones. However, it takes more time to get used to and master a rotating brush than the one you manually rotate.
  4. Dual Rotation Brushes –this type of brush comes with two directional buttons, so they can spin either backward or forward. This is quite convenient for both right and left-handed people—and both sides of your head!
  5. Blow Dry Brushes with Interchangeable Brush Heads –this one comes with one dryer unit and two or more brush attachments suitable for different hair lengths and helps create different styles. 
  6. Tanglefree Drying Hairbrushes –these come with a release button that lets the barrel swivel to release a tangled section of hair. Some of these brushes even feature “ionic technology’ to dry hair faster and reduce static and frizz at the same time. 

Blow Dryer Brushes usually range anywhere from 250 to 1200 watts of power. 250 watts may be enough for fine hair, but for thick or coarse hair, you might need something with a higher wattage. 

Benefits of Blow Dryer Brushes 

  1. Gives Great Volume –a blow dryer brush, unlike a flat iron, can give great volume to your hair, but it can also leave it flat too. You can brush closer to the roots, which gives your hair more life and body unlike what you would get from a flat iron. 
  2. Convenient –blow dryer brushes are quite convenient to have in humid weather. It can help tame frizzy hair and makes your hair look shiny.
  3. Curls Ends Beautifully –blow dryer styling brushes can get the ends of your hair rolled beautifully. It can also be used for touch-ups between hair washings. In fact, it is the perfect tool to use for last minute touch-ups before a special event.
  4. Lightweight and Easy to Use –this is good news for your wrists. It’s also a lot easier to use compared to a hairdryer and a separate round brush for hair styling. Your arms won’t get too tired and you can also use your other hand to hold the section and help with styling it. 
  5. Doesn’t Get as Hot as a Flat Iron –if you are concerned about hair damage, then this feature is important. The high heat from styling tools can be damaging to the hair but blow dryer brushes don’t get as hot as those so you can be sure your hair won’t get damaged. 
  6. Great for Travelling –you don’t need to worry about bringing too many hair styling items with you when you travel. With a blow dryer brush, you got everything you need in one styling tool. When on vacation, you can just air dry your hair a bit and then use this brush to finish drying it while you style it. 

How Doe Hair Dryer Brushes Work for Different Hair Types?

When shopping for a new hair dryer brush, it is important to choose one that works best for your hair type and also for the length of your hair. 

Fine Hair –blow dryer brushes work great for people with fine, limp hair. If you have super fine hair, go for a brush with soft to medium bristles. If your hair is a bit frizzy, go for a brush that comes with an ion generator. 

Thinning Hair -blow dryer brushes work great for thin hair because it helps add volume, tames frizz, and makes hair shiny. If you have thinning hair, it helps to add some volumizing mousse before styling it using the brush. 

Straight Hair –many blow dryer brushes can be used to add a soft curve to hair and add more body and shine to it. For longer lasting volume, you need to use a volumizing mousse or hair spray. The brush won’t give straight hair a lot of curls, but it can give a bit of casual curl at the bottom of your hair. 

Short Hair –a blow dryer styling brush is the best tool for people with short to medium-length hair. It works great for bobs because it lifts short, fine hair and gives it body. But, remember to use a small barrel for short hair. 

Long Hair –for very long hair, opt for a ‘tangle-free’ brush. You need to release a button to untangle sections of your hair. Blow dryer brushes works great on shoulder-length hair. 

Coarse Hair –blow dryer brushes are not strong enough to dry and style thick, coarse hair. If you keep trying the tool can get pretty war, resulting in softer and less efficient bristles. 

Curly Hair –Blow dryer brushes won’t make curly hair stick-straight the way a flat iron does. It will only smoothen the hair and give it a slight curl. If you want to straighten your hair, use a flat iron instead.