Air conditioners are a blessing to those who live in parts of the world that get very hot and humid during their summers. Air conditioning units are big investments that deserve to be taken care of.

Just like any other machine, performing air conditioner maintenance and timely repairs are essential. It is not necessary to spend a huge sum of money on repairing or servicing your AC system once it starts malfunctioning as you can reduce the likelihood of this through proper care and maintenance. Here are some tips that may help you make the most out of your AC system at home.

Have your AC cleaned regularly

Air conditioners work more efficiently when they are clean. Regularly clean the filters of your AC unit to ensure proper airflow. Your air conditioners collect a lot of dirt and dust as they cool the air. To ensure proper functionality, it is recommended that you clean your AC filters once a month. These filters also make sure only clean air enters the system and do not let any dirt or dust particles cause damage to the inner parts of your machine. Depending on the type of filter you have, you can either vacuum the filters or wash them with cold water. Make sure you get rid of dust and dirt from all the nooks and crannies on the filter as this may affect the overall performance of your AC unit.

Check your condenser coils

Your unit’s condenser coils are responsible for discharging heat generated by the machine. They are located outside on the back of your AC unit. Dust and dirt also accumulate near these coils, reducing their ability to cool air. To keep them in good shape, thoroughly clean them at least once a year with a brush or a coil cleaner. Condenser coils are delicate, so make sure you are using the right tools for cleaning. Oftentimes, it’s best to have a professional do this when you’re scheduling your next AC maintenance appointment.

Get rid of debris and plants around the unit

Keep the area around your AC unit free of debris and plants. This will help keep the unit cool and allow it to function properly. Having external objects block your unit’s stability in cooling the air will cause it to malfunction and break down. Debris like leaves, dust, grass clippings, etc. can restrict airflow through your unit.

Plants around your AC unit may provide additional shade; however, they tend to release moisture into the air that is then cooled by your unit. This excess moisture can damage the internal components of your unit and reduce its ability to operate efficiently.

Insulate your home properly

Insulation around your home is important for the efficient installation of air conditioners and proper functioning. It also helps by cutting down energy bills and keeping the internal temperature of your house stable. Make sure you insulate all rooms in your house that have AC units, to prevent heat from escaping the building while the air conditioner is on. Having less heat escaping your building helps lower energy usage and creates less strain on the AC system since your air conditioners don’t have to run harder than they should just to maintain the desired temperature.

Choose Professional Help Over DIY Repair

Appliances can break down due to several reasons. Now, you can get handy with a tool box and figure out the cause, but you might end up damaging some other component or worse hurt yourself. 

Hiring a professional to look into the cause and carry out appliance repairs is ideal in most cases. They have prior experience in dealing with appliance breakdowns. Therefore, the chances of further damage is reduced significantly. However, their services may come at a hefty cost so you would have to set aside an emergency fund. Alternatively, you can purchase a home warranty plan to reduce these costs significantly. You can explore best home warranties for HVAC and read their customer reviews to make an informed decision. 

Get your AC serviced regularly

Scheduling regular checkups and maintenance of your unit is essential for its continued smooth operation. A lot of companies offer affordable AC services that include cleaning the machine with special chemicals and lubricants, checking belts and filters, and testing functionality among other things. These routine checks also help detect any internal or external damage in your machine early on before problems get out of control. For example, an internal fault in the condenser coils could require you to replace them which is much more costly than having them serviced when they start malfunctioning. If you’re looking for top-rated professionals to maintain and repair your air conditioners, you can check out these professionals here.

Get the size right

Before you buy an air conditioner or install one at home, it is important that you determine what size unit you will need to cool your home properly. If you select a machine that is too small, it will not be enough to cool a room and will operate at a significantly lower level of efficiency. On the other hand, if you choose an air conditioner that is too large, it will run constantly and have to work much harder than it should, resulting in extra strain on the system. This may lead to malfunctions and costly repairs down the line

Avoid placing heat-generating appliances near the AC

Don’t place heat-generating appliances too close to your AC unit or where return air flows into the unit from an outside wall. Doing so would result in a less-than-desirable airflow pattern, making your unit work harder to cool the room. It is best to keep heat-generating appliances at least a few feet away from AC units. If this can’t be avoided, you may want to install window fans or buy an air conditioner with a greater cooling capacity.


Air conditioners are important in making your home comfortable all year round, but it is important to maintain its efficiency and function properly for you to completely reap its benefits. A poorly maintained AC system has a higher risk of breaking down and causing discomfort, which could also result in you spending more money than you should in maintaining and repairing your AC units.