When you are a horologist, someone who collects watches and timepieces, there are many places where you can get excellent vintage and antique watches to add to your collection. Some sources are better than others, and you will need to do a lot of digging to find some excellent deals. You will also need to know what you are buying to ensure you are purchasing quality antique watches at a reasonable price. Below are some of the places you can look for quality antique watches to add to your collection and potentially get some fantastic bargains along the way.

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Markets & Yard Sales

You will also want to look at the various markets and yard sales in your local area, and these can often turn up some excellent finds. One of the benefits of shopping in these places for antique watches is that the seller usually has no clue about the value of what they are selling. As such, you can get some excellent bargains when you find a suitable watch to purchase at a market or yard sale, and it is worth the effort to explore what is on offer.

Online Auctions

You can also explore one of the many online auctions websites that specialise in selling antiques. You will find there is much more competition to buy quality items from these sources, so you can often pay over the odds for things if you get caught in a bidding war. However, you can also get some excellent deals with a bit of luck, so it is worth watching these auction websites, such as eBay, where you may get a bargain or two.

Antique Watch Specialists

Whether you are looking for antique wristwatches or limited antique fob watches for sale Australia or your country has on offer, the antique shops specialising in them are an excellent place to start your search. Many antique dealers specialise in watches and jewellery, and you can often get some high-quality examples from these sources. However, one drawback is that you will usually pay more for them than other sources, as the dealers know their worth. Search what is available at your local antique store, and you may have the chance to add an excellent specimen to your antique watch collection.

Pawn Shops

Another place where you can find some excellent antique watches to add to your collection is exploring what is on offer in your local pawn shops. They may have nothing suitable, or they could have a selection from which to choose, and it is all about the luck of the draw. Visit your local pawn shops and see what watches they have for sale, and if you see anything you like, ask them how much they want for it and see if you can haggle on the price.

Charity Shops

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Charity shops will often have plenty of clothes, but they can also have watches and jewellery. Many of these shops will have no idea about the value of what they sell, so you can get some excellent bargains by seeing what they have available. However, if the price is too low, think about the charity and the incredible work it does, and give them more than what they ask for if they are offering you a bargain.