If you haven’t already added ‘The Masked Singer’ to your list of must-watch television shows, you need to. The unique idea has become a TV sensation that millions of Americans can’t stop talking about. Here are three reasons you should watch the show.

The Judges

There are four judges on ‘The Masked Singer’. They try to guess the identity of each contestant, and their interactions make the show even more entertaining. The upcoming sixth season will feature the same guests as Season Five: Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong.

The Costumes

To compete on the show, contestants are required to wear elaborate costumes. These costumes are much more fun, elaborate and detailed than simple costumes you might see at a Halloween party. The point of the show is to remain masked throughout the season and have the judges and audience continue to guess your identity until the end of the show each season. Because of this, the costumes have to be clever and effective at obscuring identity.

All of the costumes are colorful and clever. You’ll enjoy guessing the identity of each guest as he or she belts out a 90-second cover of a popular song. You’ll also love seeing all of the costumes and enjoy laughing about the creativity it took to create them. Check out the full list of costumes for the upcoming season and make you guess on which celebrities are behind the masks.

The Talent

Most of the contestants on ‘The Masked Singer’ are not A-list celebrities. However, they all are recognizable. Some of the contestants are poor performers, which just adds to the laughs and entertainment, but you may be surprised by how well some of these lesser-known celebrities can sing and dance! You’ll be entertained watching every performance and you’re sure to love using the weekly clues to help you guess the identity of each contestant. 

‘The Masked Singer’ is a fun reality show with a unique concept. It pits celebrities against each other in a singing competition, but each contestant must wear a costume on stage to keep the audience guessing about his or her identity. This show is family-friendly, but it is just as entertaining for adults to watch as it is for kids. If you haven’t checked it out already, you should add this reality show to your list of TV series to watch. You may discover your new favorite program!