Being a teen means a lot of changes, from puberty to stress. From home to school, sports and other commitments, being a teenager can involve a variety of health and wellness concerns. Many of these are common public health issues, but it is important to acknowledge these things in teens, and support them as needed.

Teach them about a healthy lifestyle

Healthy living choices start at a young age. Encourage healthy eating and regular exercise. Not only are you promoting an understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle, but good nutrition is also important to a child’s development. Balance is important, and eating disorders are common in teens, so keep an eye out for unhealthy behaviors.

There are many other things that are part of a healthy lifestyle, like getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, etc.

As a parent, make sure your child makes it to regular doctor appointments and dentist visits. Vaccinations should be up to date.

Create a safe and secure environment at home

You want your teen to be open with you, and trust you, and a nurturing home can provide their needs. Home should feel like a sanctuary, and where your children can have an open line of communication with you.

Support good mental health

Teaching your teen about good eating habits, sleep habits, etc., are all a big part of mental health as well. School and other commitments can be stressful, so make sure there is a good balance where your teen isn’t overscheduled.

Be aware and know the signs of mental health issues

It can be tough to know what is going on in your teen’s life. But by keeping aware and involved, it is easier to pick up on things like depression. Monitor use of electronics. Try to host social gatherings, which is a good way to meet your child’s friends and supervise events.