If you’re a mother questioning going into the medical field, nursing just might be for you. It’s a parent-friendly job with reasonable hours that has many career options. Being a nurse has many benefits, including flexibility. Motherhood can fit into almost any schedule. Additionally, moms can return to school and earn an advanced nursing degree or nursing leadership training, which can provide them with even more career opportunities. 

  • Flexible job

Although being a mother is a full-time job on its own, work in the nursing field is flexible, and working out study and work hours around your home life is simple. As a mom, you have responsibilities to take care of at home and at school or work, but there are quite a few options in order to balance both your work and home life. If nursing school seems like too much of a commitment, you can try out a part-time nursing program instead – it allows for full-time employment while getting your degree at the same time. Learning about nursing online is also an option. You’ll be able to get your degree from home while being able to watch and take care of your children. This is a great option for all mothers. After you graduate, there are many options for working hours as well. You may prefer to take the day shift, which is typically from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon. There are also options for traditional office hours, which would entail working in a traditional physicians office. This means that you’ll be able to get some much needed rest. 

  • Rewarding

Nursing is a rewarding job for everyone, including those with kids. Whether you’re already a nurse and planning to be a mom soon, or your children came into the picture before you decided to pursue nursing, nursing will make you a better person either way. If you can handle children, you’ll be much more qualified to handle chaos as a nurse, and vice versa. You will be much more motivated to raise strong children who care for others and pursue what they want, because you are setting an example for them!

  • Suitable job for mothers

Nursing is a suitable job for mothers. As a mother, you are naturally nurturing and willing to help others, which is exactly what being a nurse is all about. If you’re good with kids, you might look into pediatric nursing, or become a labor and delivery nurse. There are many options out there for women who are expecting children, new mothers, or experienced mothers. 

  • Good benefits and pay

Being a nurse has good benefits, as stated before – including not only flexible hours and work days, being a job well fit for mothers, and getting some decent sleep, but it also provides good benefits and pay. Finance is only one stressful thing that mothers worry about for their families, but a positive part about being a nurse is that you’ll have financial independence, so financial stability will be one less thing that you’ll have to stress about. When in nursing school, you can apply for financial aid as well. Especially if you’re a single parent or young, this may be extra helpful to you, although most of the time, financial aid is open to nearly anybody.