The holidays can be full of junk food and candies. While we usually treat our kids to some candy in their stockings, we also like to choose some other non-candy treats. As a kid, my family was always creative in finding neat little things to put in my stocking, and I remember those fun trinkets more than any candy. You may also have other obstacles you are working around, like a food allergy or child who is diabetic, where candy can be an issue. Regardless, there are so many great options for non-candy gifts!

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Here are some ideas that don’t involve candy!

Card games & other mini games

Facial masks

Fidget toys

Arts & crafts items (pens, stampers, clay, etc)

Chapstick or lip balm

Ticket to an event


Mini Squishmallow

Play-doh, silly putty, slime




Bath toys, bath bombs, bath bubbles

Small books


Special writing implements (like a special pen) or erasers

Hair ties, barrettes

Rubber stamps

Scarf or hat

Mini figures (such as legos, or small plastic animals)

Nail polish


Mini Lego sets

Small toys

Mini scratch art pages

For older kids – phone accessories like Popsockets, AirPod case, etc.