Travelling is one of the best ways you can enjoy life. It gets you out of your comfort where you go to places you’ve never been before and lets you experience different cultures from all around the world. 

But, traveling can also be expensive especially, when it comes to flights. That is why many travelers spend a lot of their time finding the best rates to the destination they are going to. Lucky for you, this article is here to help.

Hide Your Searches

You may have noticed that after browsing the same flight a few times, the price suddenly changed. That is because sites use cookies to track your searches. So, when you search for a route many times, its price will suddenly increase. It’s a strategy to trick you into buying a ticket as fast as possible because of the false sense of urgency of the price increase.

That is why it would be best for you to search flights in incognito or private browsing mode so you can find the best rate possible. This allows the user to open a browser where sites cannot track your information.

Cookies reset every time you reopen an incognito window. So if you want to start clean with your searches, ensure that all incognito windows are closed and open a new one when you look for flights.

Use Your Points 

The best flights are those that are free. And the easiest way for you to achieve this is to use points. If you don’t have them, signing up for a travel rewards credit card is easy especially, if you do a lot of traveling. Even spending on minimum fare can get you major points, sometimes enough for a free flight.

Depending on your preference, you can use airline rewards that let you earn points in a particular airline. Or general travel rewards cards which, let you redeem points for a variety of airlines. 

It would be best to use and treat your card like cash to get more points. Use only the money you have in your bank to pay off your balance so you won’t have any interest.

Befriend Budget Airline

As the name suggests, budget airlines can offer cheaper tickets than full-service counterparts. But, the downside is that it has some compromises like less leg room or no free food or drinks during the flight. 

You can check out the website or follow the social media account of budget airlines so you can be updated if there are specials available. Many budget airlines will also have their reward credit cards which can sometimes offer sign-up bonuses. 

You can use Wikipedia to view a comprehensive list of budget airlines in specific countries.

Search For Airline Error and Sale Fares

There are times when airlines can make mistakes in their fares which can lead to discounted prices. Some of the reasons it happens are technical glitches, currency conversion mistakes, and human error. If you know how to find these mistakes, you’ll be able to find a flight that can save a lot of money.

Consider Hidden City Flights 

Experienced travelers are the ones that discovered hidden city flights. To put it simply, flights that connect you to a city rather than directly to it can sometimes be cheaper. Meaning you will be booking a cheap flight that connects you to your desired city and hopping off of it instead of continuing the connection.

But bear in mind, this can be risky for a variety of reasons:

  • Your luggage may continue going into your final destination if checked. So, only travel with carry-on luggage.
  • You may not be able to get off the plane, especially if it’s the same plane that will continue to the destination.
  • The airline may discover that you did not continue your connecting flight. The consequences of this are unknown since people can miss flights all the time.

So remember, use this at your own risk.


Travelling can be one the best experiences you can have in your life. But it’s no secret that it can be expensive. That is why if you are trying to find the best rate for flights, it would be best that you follow the tips above so you can go to your dream destination without taking a big chunk of your budget.