Tween girls are at a transitional stage, caught between childhood and the teen years, where she is trying to find out who she is. This can be an extremely awkward time for her. With that said, it isn’t easy for parents either, because tween girls tend to be very picky about their clothes, too. While some young girls want to wear whatever latest fashion collections their friends are wearing, others prefer classic looks because they avoid peer pressure.

Dressing your tween in outfits that remain timeless will help them grow into themselves while saving you money on clothes. After all, kids go through growth spurts rapidly, and they will quickly grow out of their clothes. Having classic styles that she can wear for years is a good thing for parents with children who are constantly growing.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of three timeless outfits that your daughter will love trying this season. From the always-flattering polka dot dress to the plaid shirt and pleated skirt combo, these looks are certain to get her through her tween years in style while staying comfortable enough for active young girls on the go.

Polka Dot Dresses

Who doesn’t love a good polka dot print? Dots can be worn by young girls of all ages and it’s a look they’ll continue to love as they age. Pair this dress with simple flats or Mary Janes for a casual look that is perfect for everyday wear, like school or play dates. Add some tights and booties when the weather gets chilly and show her you don’t need to spend thousands on designer clothing for your kids to stay stylish. This classic looks whether your daughter is 3, 13, or in her 30s.

Plaid Shirt and Pleated Skirt

This outfit works well because while it’s simple. Both pieces are still unique enough to keep your tween interested. The plaid shirt goes great with any color skirt, but works particularly well paired with black pleats. This is an easy way to give her one two-in-one outfit that she can wear in multiple ways.

Girls love trying new things, which is why this look keeps them interested. All they need to do is add in some lace up boots and quirky scarf. This is an edgier version of the classic school girl outfit that works well for parents who also like to stay stylish while raising their young ones. Opt for knee high socks and a longer shirt (or pair of shorts) if your daughter is taller than average. This look will make her feel like the stylish young woman she is growing up to be.

Khakis and a Sweater

If you want a stylish look that can go anywhere, then pair some traditional khakis and a sweater for a great everyday look. The khakis can come in a multitude of shades, plus, you can change up the sweater no matter what her preferences may be. This is a great look that is sure to be one she continues to wear well into adulthood. 

Comfortable Dresses

One of the most versatile options to come out recently is the plain and simple dress. It almost seems too simple, but it is the perfect option for nearly any tween girl. You can buy dresses in any color she likes, plus, you can mix and match cardigans, tights, shoes, and accessories to make the dress something she loves and wears regularly. 

Dresses are something that is often overlooked as part of a more traditional tween’s fashion options. However, they are one of the most versatile options available. You can dress them up for parties or get-togethers, or easily dress them down for days out in the yard or shopping trips. Girls can add accessories to make them fancier, or they can wear leggings with them to make them work for climbing trees. No matter what type of tween daughter you want to buy clothing for, don’t forget to add in some comfortable dresses. Then, let her apply her style to them and see what kinds of amazing creations she can make. 

Finally, it’s important to note that your daughter might not know which clothing options she likes most just yet, or her opinions may regularly change. Allow her to choose which pieces of the outfit she likes best and throw in a little extra incentive if necessary. Once you’ve got the pieces together (and after some trial and error), you’ll find that this classic set will become some of your daughter’s favorite go-to outfits for years to come.